cancer 2020 Horoscope


Jun 21 - Jul 22

2020 cancer Horoscope


In 2020, the second retrograde of Mercury starts from and ends in Cancer, leading to a terrible change in the personal horoscope of this star sign. In addition, Cancer itself is a sensitive sign of the emotions. Their working and living conditions may decline with the changes in environment and feelings. For Cancerians, the top concern in 2020 will be interpersonal relationship and they must learn to work at the relationships with other people. Besides, a reasonable plan against Mercury retrogra

Love Relationship

As a water sign, Cancer is most vulnerable to Mercury retrograde, especially considering the situation in 2020 Cancer is the starting and ending points of Mercury retrograde. Such a change in astrology will definitely lead to ups and downs in the love relationship of Cancer. Not only that, Saturn will stay in the seventh house of Cancer since the beginning of this year and bring them good luck in love. Married Cancer people will maintain a stable relationship this year yet still need to be vigilant against all kinds of troubles caused by Mercury retrograde.


Cancer will be faced with potential yet insignificant hazards in career. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the early year will bring them some good opportunities for start-up, especially those in emerging industries with great potentials, and they may choose on the basis of ability. Despite of many opportunities, Cancerians still need to keep a watchful on the risks caused by Mercury retrograde. Each of the three retrogrades will handicap the water sign Cancer. People of this zodiac sign need to deal with all work problems properly in the middle of the year to avoid unforeseen incidents.


Cancer's career will fluctuate in 2020 but it will not affect their incomes. At the beginning of the year, Cancer will get a very good chance to make money, especially for those in business, due to Saturn in the seventh house. They need to seize the opportunities around and never miss the right chance to invest.


Many astrological movements in 2020, especially three retrogrades of Mercury and retrogrades of Mars and Saturn, will bring some health risks to Cancer. During the periods of Mercury retrograde, they can be in bad mood and then overeat or lose sleep all night. And all of these conditions will affect the health of Cancer.

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