sagittarius 2019 Horoscope


Nov 22 - Dec 21

2019 sagittarius Horoscope


In the past year, many of you Sagittarians must have been hit by reality. In 2019, Sagittarius horoscope will be improved by the ruler Jupiter. Also, you will get help from someone, reflect on and enhance yourself to get out of the darkness and embrace the brightness. Generally, you Sagittarius people will spend a wonderful first half year with good fortune. Since Jupiter retrogrades in the house of Sagittarius from April to August, you will see a dramatic turn in life and find many things out o

Love Relationship

This year, you Sagittarius people tend to be more concerned about adjusting the attitude and position in love. With much self-knowledge, you know who the right one is and in what position you are. Based on this, you will fix your relationship problems actively. For those in adolescent crushes, you may choose to declare in January or November if you have a secret crush on someone, because Venus in your angular house will improve the probability of success.


With the assistance of ruling planet Jupiter, you Sagittarians will work smoothly. Jupiter can turn calamities into blessings and stay in the angular house of Sagittarius for nearly one year, convoying your career for the whole year. Even if there are some problems at work, the blessing of Jupiter will help you to resolve the crisis in career.


As Jupiter stays in the angular house of Sagittarius for a long time, you will pay more attention to the quality of life and material comforts, especially luxury items. You will get great satisfaction from shopping and spend more spend extravagantly. In short, the wealth horoscope of Sagittarius predicts you will spend what you earn and can hardly gather money.


Due to the Jupiter retrograde in the house of Sagittarius, your health horoscope can fluctuate greatly and changes will happen to your temper, way of doing things and body, such as frustration in reality, mood swing, differences and conflicts with someone else and accidental injuries while going out. So pay more attention to your health and do not overwork even if you are in sound health. Meanwhile, make diet control, keep regular hours and beware of skin problems.

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