14th Zodiac Sign: Cetus Zodiac Sign Dates

Cetus, one of the equatorial constellations, is a large constellation across the equator. It is located south of Aries and Pisces, between Eridanus and Aquarius.
You can locate the famous Great Square of Pegasus first at night in late autumn/early winter. Extending about twice the distance from the east side of the Great Square to the south, you can see a 2nd-magnitude star "Diphda", which is the tail of Cetus. From Diphda to the east, you can see a 3rd-magnitude star, which is the nose of Cetus. This 3rd-magnitude star and four other stars nearby form a pentagon, which is the head of Cetus.

The 14th Zodiac Sign Dates

Zodiac Sign Element Ruling Planet Season Date of Birth
Cetus(The 14th Zodiac Sign) Fire Pluto Spring 03/21-03/28
Aries Fire Mars Spring 03/29-04/19
Taurus Earth Venus Spring 04/20-05/20
Gemini Air Mercury Spring 05/21-06/21
Cancer Water Dianna Summer 06/22-07/22
Leo Fire Apollo Summer 07/23-08/22
Virgo Earth Mercury Summer 08/23-09/22
Libra Air Venus Autumn 09/23-10/23
Scorpius Water Mars Autumn 10/24-11/14
Ophiuchus Water Ceres Autumn 11/15-11/22
Sagittarius Fire Jupiter Autumn 11/23-12/21
Capricorn Earth Saturn Winter 12/22-01/19
Aquarius Air Uranus Winter 01/20-02/18
Pisces Water Neptune Winter 02/19-03/20
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