aquarius Zodiac Sign

According to 2023 astorlogy calender, aquarius sign dates in 2023 start from January 20, 2023, 08:29 (UT/GMT) to February 18, 2023, 22:34 (UT/GMT)

Zodiac Signs aquarius


Jan 20 - Feb 18
Aquarius is the 11th astrological sign in the Zodiac and it is situated to the east of Capricornus and west to the Pisces. People born on between January 20 and February 18 are under the Aquarius sign. Aquarians are basically forward-thinking, rational and self-respecting. Similar with the Sagittarians, they are philanthropic and unrestrained but they are different with the Sagittarians. Ruled by the Uranus, Aquarians often give people the intelligent, humorous and unique feeling but they are seemingly a contradictory combination: sometimes low-key, sometimes high-key; sometimes tender, sometimes indifferent; sometimes realistic, sometimes free from vulgarity. In short, people under Aquarius sign are complex and changeful.

Element Properties

Zodiac Signs aquarius
Fixed or Static
Platinum, Radium
Shin, Ankle and Circulation
Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Russia, Chile, Abyssinia

Lucky Elements

Sky Blue, Bronze, Yellow
4, 8, 13, 22, 31
Africa Violet, Hyacinth, White Lace Flower
Overview: star icon

As a result of the influence of Jupiter, Aquarius will have both good and bad fortune in 2023. There will be both happiness and sadness. If they can make good use of them, it will be very likely to....   Read more

Aquarius In Love
Aquarius people prefer the passionate and intense love. Aquarius persons love those who are as strange as they are and those who are very talented. They usually start a relationship at a party or an activity with friends.
Career for Aquarius
Aquarius are stable, dedicated, ambitious, and determined, which can eventually make them succeed in career. The wide network of contacts, together with the good coordination skills, allows them to be leaders or key communicators in team work.

Personality Traits

Take delight in digging for the truth
Full of humanitarian spirit
Possess the rational wisdom
Independent and personal style
Extensive interest and creative
Strong curiosity and forward-looking
Advocate freedom and helpful
Overly idealistic
Insist on getting to the bottom of the matter
Overly believe personal judgments
Often change the mind and lack of perseverance
Overly rational and unromantic
Hardly being open to friends
Lack of enthusiasm and individualistic
Overly emphasize the autonomy of life

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Aquarius Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, there are three Decans for each sun sign month with each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Different characteristics and planet are attached to different Decans. Check your decan by your birth date and find out your personality from the following links.
Aquarius 1st Decan (January 20 to January 31)
Aquarius 2nd Decan (February 1 to February 9)
Aquarius 3rd Decan (February 10 to February 18)

Aquarius Love Compatibility

: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
: Taurus, Scorpio

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What are obstacles in love for Aquarius
Iciness! It will also make someone likes you have no bravery to get closer to you. Sometimes being gentle is easy to impress others indeed. However, being icy and having a poker face is the common characteristic of the Aquarius girl. They will miss their happiness because of this. The Aquarius girl should be more alarmed. - See obstacles in love for other Signs

No. 1 Traits

Rational and calm in a disaster;
Lack of compassion;
Love fantasy and chatting;
Unlikely to speak ill of someone else;
Lead the trend;
Like the nature;
Attach great importance to the spiritual level;
Likely to have a network relationship or homosexual tendency;
Freak and dare to be different;
Good at delay and take no count of discipline;
Likely to have the collection habit or cleanliness;
Committed to extra-subject things;
Whimsical and difficult to understand;
Likely to be a dark horse;
Need self-space, maverick, like to be alone and individualistic

Career for Aquarius

Aquariuses have flexible mind. They can combine with the latest idea to make designs. Their thoughts are alternative that common people don’t have. But Aquariuses will mix the designs with whatever they come up with. However, things they design sometimes are not in popular demand and welcomed by others. They need to be closer to life and not self-centered! - See Career for other Signs

The Mythology of Aquarius

Ganymede was prince of Troy. Once day, he was tending to his father's flocks; Zeus in the sky became enamored of him and transformed into an eagle down to Mount Olympus to take him away. The eagle became the Aquila while Ganymede became the cupbearer of Zeus...Click to read more about the the Mythology of Aquarius.

2023 Aquarius Horoscope


For many Aquarians, the greatest change in their career in 2023 will be change in the mentality. They will pay more attention to their own fun and the expansiveness of their career. They will wish to develop their career according to their own interests and fun.

In 2023, Aquarians will feel a touch of sadness in their relationships. However, they will be able to open their true heart, and they will no longer feel restrained nor self-underestimated, but to regain self-confidence to face the world with a cheerful and enthusiastic attitude. In 2023, they will start to really take relationships seriously. Especially for the single Aquarians, they will make a big change in mentality when dealing with interpersonal relationship and love relationships in 2023, the chances of find partners and getting married will be very great.

In 2023, Aquarians will be less lucky in finance the previous years, and the chances of getting extremely rich will become less. Their overall financial luck will not be improved a lot, and they also need to more prudent in spending. They should work hard to make money because their patrons will become fewer and their luck in getting wealth from the external will also be mediocre. If they can seize the favor of the patrons, their financial luck will also be improved.

The overall mental state of the Aquarians will be fairly good in 2023, and the problems they encounter in all aspects can be resolved accordingly. However, they should avoid the unnecessary social engagements activities as possible as they can because even though they are full of energy, excessive consumption of energy and vitality will cause harm to their body health. In addition, this year, they need to pay special attention to diet, so as not to cause gastrointestinal and throat diseases.

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