One gets a series of numbers from the moment of birth, which is called life path number. Those numbers, with a very simple calculation method, consist of every number in the date of birth, birth date number, zodiac number, talent number, and life path number. The string of numbers is just like your life code concealing your personality traits, love relationship, wealth, horoscope and even health.

Personal Numerology Forecasts

As the saying goes, life is predestined. Do you want to figure out your fate by birth date? Just take a test!

Life Path Number

Life path number reveals what you will go after and learn in the entire life. Your birth is closely related to the life path number that can indicate your fate in this life.

Birthday Number

Birth date number represents your personality traits and behaviors by nature, and reveals your personality and way of thinking. The energy of birth date number runs through your whole life and it is a special label of your personal touch.

Meanings of Birthday Numbers from 1 to 31

The Day of Birth number is the day on which we were born. It indicates our talents, characteristics, abilities etc. that we have in life. It’s a key factor in choosing a career.

Talent Number

Talent number refers to two digits that make up the life path number, showing your strongest potential energy and talent by birth. It reveals your way forward and life journey.

Missing Number

A missing number indicates your weakness in a certain aspect. It is these weaknesses that prompt you to constantly pursue perfection and have more hopes for life.

The Arrows in Numerology Grids

The Arrows in Numerology Grids: meanings for arrow 2-4, arrow 6-8, arrow 3-5-7, arrow 4-8, arrow 2-6, arrow 1-5-9, arrow 1-4-7, arrow 2-5-8, arrow 3-6-9, arrow 1-2-3, arrow 4-5-6, arrow 7-8-9.

Empty Arrows

Meanings of empty arrow in numerology grid: 2-4, 6-8, 4-8, 2-6, 1-5-9, 1-4-7, 3-5-7, 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 2-5-8, 3-6-9.

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