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According to 2023 astorlogy calender, pisces sign dates in 2023 start from February 18, 2023, 22:34 (UT/GMT) to March 20, 2023, 21:24 (UT/GMT)

Zodiac Signs pisces


Feb 19 - Mar 20
As the last astrological sign in the Zodiac, Pisces has the advantages and disadvantages of all astrological signs. It is situated to the east of Aquarius and west to the Aries. Taking two fishes captured by a string as the astrological symbol, Pisceans are a combination of multiple contradictions. Since people under water signs are sentimental, Pisces people are even more complicated.

Element Properties

Zodiac Signs pisces
The Fishes
Mutable or Adaptable
Platinum, Alloy
Mexico, France, Italy, Samoa, Australia

Lucky Elements

Sea Blue Green, Turquoise, Silver Grey
7, 16, 25, 34
Violet, Columnea Gloriosa, Alice
Overview: star icon

The overall luck of the Pisces will be pretty good in 2023. In particular, in the first half of the year, they will do everything smoothly, and they will be very lucky in making a lot of friends.....   Read more

Pisces In Love
Pisces is susceptible and romantic by nature, and love is indispensable to Pisces in life. Those attract the Pisces must be passionate, positive, kind, considerate to the opposite sex and able to make them feel secure enough!
Career for Pisces
Pisces people are less career-minded. They do have an ideal but the ideal is not to be merchants who can make a million but money to be artists. They accommodate themselves to circumstances and care less about work or salary.

Personality Traits

Unselfish and considerate
Imaginative and romantic
Affectionate, tender and polite
Merciful and self-sacrificing
Strong intuition and tolerant
Easy to trust others and non-suspicious
Kind, naive and compassionate
Easy to be affected by the environment
Careless, impetuous and undisciplined
Unrealistic and fantastic
Irrational and emotional
Lack of crisis awareness
Lack of courage to face reality
Unconfident and weak-willed
Sentimental, indecisive and weak-minded
Bad at financial management
Easy to get into the habit of lying
Easy to fall into depression and cannot get out

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Pisces Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, there are three Decans for each sun sign month with each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Different characteristics and planet are attached to different Decans. Check your decan by your birth date and find out your personality from the following links.
Pisces 1st Decan (February 19 to February 29)
Pisces 2nd Decan (March 1 to March 10)
Pisces 3rd Decan (March 11 to March 20)

Pisces Love Compatibility

Best Compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Least Compatibility: Gemini, Sagittarius

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What are obstacles in love for Pisces
Hesitation! Hesitation is the obstacle of the Pisces in their path of happiness. Because they are always hesitated when choosing, it’s easy for them to give a nice person to others. So, thinking for their own happiness, they should be more initiative and brave. - See obstacles in love for other Signs

No. 1 Traits

Romantic and affectionate
Love to be in a daze
Pessimistic and lacrimose
Love to make faces
Prone to soul infidelity
Lack of money notion
Fond of affectation and coquetry
Prone to unrequited love
Likely to love the teacher
Afraid of realistic pressure
Tend to love me love my dog
Rely on friends
Daydreaming and self-sentimental
Easy to cheat

Career for Pisces

Most of Pisces people like to pursue the beauty of spiritual world. It’s suitable for Pisces people no matter in writing or painting creation works. They always have many inspiration. Adding their experience in life, they can show it by words and pictures. Pisces people are actually inarticulate. But you can always find what they think and what they want to do from their works. - See Career for other Signs

The Mythology of Pisces

Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, and her beloved son Cupid dressed up to attend a lavish banquet held for gods.
All the goddesses dressed up and were unwilling to be inferior to others while the gods took wine glasses and harangued in groups. The naughty children could not hold back any longer and they played hide-and-seek...Click to read more about the the Mythology of Pisces.

2023 Pisces Horoscope


Pisces will have a high probability of promotion in 2023, but it will also bring them some stress, either mentally, spiritually or physically. In 2023, Pisces will have a chance of promotion but it is important for them to actively fight to win the competition in the workplace. After the autumn, their career opportunities will come, and they will be prone to become a prominent figure in the eyes of others.

For the single Pisces, their chances of meeting their soul mates in 2023 will be very high, especially at the end of the year. In the relationships, if they can truly open their heart, they will be able to get the perfect partners. The single Pisces should not start new relationships during the summer, while those who are married should not vent their complaints on their lovers and friends.

Pisces will have a fairly good financial luck in getting wealth from their sideline businesses in 2023. They will have more opportunities to integrate resources, and their business commissions will increase multiple times. Especially in September and October, their income will be quite substantial. In general, the Pisces financial standings will grow quite a lot compared to the previous two years. However, they will be very likely to borrow large amounts of money in 2023, which will leave an after-effect in the future.

Pisces will have a good health condition in 2023. However, they should note that their skin will become extra sensitive, so it is important to be hygienic and clean. For those Pisces who like to travel by car, they should be especially vigilant about safety while driving in 2023. Although Jupiter will bring good luck this year, it will also make them very susceptible to mood swings and mental tension, so they need to adjust their mentality.

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