Zodiac Signs Personality Traits

Zodiac Characteristics & Personality Traits

The personality of people under the 12 zodiac signs has both differences and similarities. Even if under the same sign, the male and female personality varies greatly. While studying on a certain sign, priority shall be given to the similarity, then the different characteristics. Let's see the personality characteristics of people under the 12 zodiac signs.


Aries are energetic and full of hope for the future; they are passionate and brave for everything, friendly and genial to every friend around.
aries personality


People under this sign are prudent and romantic; generally, they are diligent and smart and more patient than people under other signs.
taurus personality


Featuring a distinctive diversity, Geminians have a super insight and attract a lot of opposite sex friends with their unique charm.
gemini personality


Prudent, persistent and persevering are the words used to describe Cancer people. They have a strong sixth sense and subjective judgment and are very imaginative.
cancer personality


Since the Leo is ruled by Apollo the God of Sun, the Leo folks are sunny, enthusiastic, loyal, kind, confident and generous. Thus popular and loved by everyone.
leo personality


It is well known that Virgo people are unapproachable and have the sense of Mysophobia. However, they also have their unique advantages, such as being systematic and clear-minded.
virgo personality


The mind of Librans is just like the sensitive scales swinging between the right and the wrong, the left and the right; they often think the matter over and over again.
libra personality


Mystery is a pronoun of Scorpius people. They have strong logical judgment ability. Also, they are specially known for their rational, independent and disciplinary trait.
scorpio personality


Featuring a sunny mood, Sagittarius people are free, brave, decisive and independent and like the challenges. They are always popular among people and stand out in others.
sagittarius personality


Being firm, tolerant, practical and reliable, giving people the strong sense of security. Their optimism often influences a lot of friends around.
capricorn personality


With lofty ideals, Aquarius people are certainly the good friends and they are quite popular due to their unique foresight.
aquarius personality


Pisces people are neurotic, oblivious, sentimental, self-deceiving, responsible and imaginative in personality.
pisces personality