The Arrows in Numerology Grids

The Arrows in Numerology Grids: meanings for arrow 2-4, arrow 6-8, arrow 3-5-7, arrow 4-8, arrow 2-6, arrow 1-5-9, arrow 1-4-7, arrow 2-5-8, arrow 3-6-9, arrow 1-2-3, arrow 4-5-6, arrow 7-8-9.

2-4 The Arrow of Wisdom

The arrow of wisdom comprises of numbers 2 and 4. Number 4 with logic and Number 2, which represents physical sensation and emotional response, interact with each other to produce a rather smart and resourceful mind. Generally speaking, the arrow tangles changeable thoughts and conservative behaviors together in an elfin-like way. With this arrow, you are too smart and would like to exploit loopholes and take control.

Basically such an arrow indicates a fascinating quality in the attitude and method of dealing with things. You seem to breeze effortlessly through anything handed over to you. If you can be more patient, focus on doing something great, be open to challenges and make adjustments at any time, you will get good results in your finances and achieve win-win results with others.

6-8 The Arrow of Compassion

With a loving Number 6 and a sincere Number 8, you have a strong tendency to pursue risks and protect others in interpersonal relationships. Such an arrow in the numerology grids means you care about what other people feel. As a result, you try your best to show your sincerity, hope to win others' trust and care more about them.

Sometimes you care so much about their feelings that you often compromise or suppress what you really feel, which can easily bring you high pressure and tension. At the same time, you are reluctant to speak you mind, causing misunderstanding by others in social activities. In fact, you are a very honest and reliable partner no matter in spirit or in real life.

3-5-7 The Arrow of Organization

This arrow shows the energy of personal management. Many circles on this arrow indicate that you are more capable in self-management and self-training than others, have a tough style and you will try to achieve the goal and get what you want no matter how much hard work is needed.

With such an arrow, you can persuade others and get approval in various ways. Because of the unique acting talent, you can create vivid and dramatic scenes no matter in private life or when get along with others. You are very suitable for popular, performing and marketing jobs. You will play and perform well in all industries dealing with people.

4-8 The Arrow of Stability

When Number 4 associated with practicality and logic combines with Number 8 associated with energy development, a rather strong stabilization is formed. Since Number 8 is good at transforming all kinds of unconscious inner energy, this is a combination of perseverance and persistence.

With such an arrow, you are absolutely trusted by friends. Because of the conservative and stable temperament, you need to go all out and plough bit by bit to get huge payoffs. At the same time, you must uphold the principle of good faith and never play dirty tricks. You will be very dependent on the fixed setting and population, and any change in external environment can cause internal discomfort.

2-6 The Arrow of Harmony

Number 6 and Number 2 create a loving and extremely sensitive character. Generally speaking, this arrow in the numerology chart indicates a gentle and generous personality; sometimes you cannot balance inside between what you give consciously and what you get eventually, hence get hurt from it.

Such an arrow in the numerology grids delivers an approachable trait, which means you can easily get along with others. You treat everyone equally and often assist others. For this reason, you will feel more depressed than anyone else when unfairly treated or cheated. Basically, you are a person demanding absolute harmony and equality.

1-5-9 The Arrow of Determination

This arrow indicates the energy in communication and it decides how good your communication ability is. Many circles on this arrow show you are very capable and influential in various ways of communication. From another perspective, those who communicate badly are not good at self-communication.

In the numerology grids, such an arrow suggests the passion for life, the ability to cope with various jobs and the strong interest.

Too many circles on the arrow indicate you are likely to become a workaholic. You should pay special attention to physical dysfunction and develop more leisure habits to lower physical burden.

1-4-7 The Arrow of Practicality

Made up of numbers 1, 4 and 7, the arrow of practicality lies on the Practical Plane. With this arrow, you can easily see the reality of the physical world. You are the kind of people attaching great importance to self-identification. For example, you know who you are, you know the world we live in as it appears, and you know how far the material world can develop.

Such an arrow in the numerology grids suggests a kind of pursuit and demand for practical material and a particular interest in sports. If you are not keen on sports, then you must be concerned about sports news. At the same time, you are clear about what position you should be in a team and in the society, that is to say, out of position, out of administration - you barely do things beyond you capability or responsibility.

Basically, this arrow means you are pragmatic and lay much stress on money and material, so be careful not to become the slave to money. For you, the recognition of social standing is a symbol of status which can satisfy your psychological needs and give you the sense of security.

2-5-8 The Arrow of Emotion

This arrow indicates you are quite concerned about your feelings in life and the way to respond. This arrow with too many number circles suggests your life direction and decision are dominated by mood and you often lose control when expressing feelings.

With such an arrow you are more likely to show inner feelings. Therefore, you are lively and outgoing, and tend to communicate with others in a natural and direct manner. However, sometimes you will express the feelings beyond the limit and speak without careful diction, thus unconsciously hurt somebody without realizing it.

In addition, this arrow indicates outstanding talents in performance, including speech, painting, writing, singing and dancing. A good control of your emotions at any time can help you a lot in interpersonal relationships.

3-6-9 The Arrow of Creativity or Fantasy

The arrow of creativity is made of numbers 3, 6 and 9. This horizontal arrow suggests a strong creativity in certain aspects but it is not necessarily proof that you will have super high creative performance and a good understanding of creativity. But the creative results depend on your actual deeds, otherwise everything will be the unrealistic fantasy.

This arrow means you are quite intelligent and often fall into thinking. You seem to be a born dreamer who often comes up with piles of dreamy symbols. You are easy to daydream and make all kinds of assumptions for your life. Perhaps others think you are worrying yourself silly but you find pleasure in it.

Giving too much play of imagination makes you ignore the actual needs and often think more, do less, and even show no care of your body and mind. If you can learn to concentrate and do one thing at a time, you will definitely achieve more than others. This arrow also indicates the potential to become rich.

1-2-3 The Arrow of Physical Ability or Art

This arrow reveals the role of physical strength in life. At the same time, it reflects your physical perception and consciousness. If on such an arrow each number is circled and there are many circles, then you will have a strong intuition.

In other words, this arrow means you tend to care about your health and the sound functions of your body.

The 1-2-3 arrow can also be called art arrow. With such an arrow composed of these three numbers, you will develop one or two hobbies in life, such as painting and music, even if you are not engaged in art work.

4-5-6 The Arrow of Reason

The central vertical column of the grid with numbers 4, 5 and 6 makes this arrow. This arrow represents the development of your intellectual energy. That is to say, such an arrow with many circles indicates that you are a person who puts a high value on rationality and intelligence while dealing with affairs. The absence of this arrow or few circles on the arrow suggests that, you will judge and decide things by intuition and feeling rather than intellectual energy.

With such an arrow, you are a stickler for perfection in everything and seek the good order in arrangement. It can be said that you pay attention to rules, order and reason for everything. You usually give others a sense of security yet sometimes are short of humor and flexibility in life, quite fitted for the post of convener in a team or organization.

7-8-9 The Arrow of Intellect

This arrow indicates a very strong mind and it mainly emphasizes your self-training, cognition of fate, and attention to the inner talents. It also shows that you are less concerned about physical or intellectual aspects.

This arrow suggests that you are luckier than the ordinary. If you are matched with the business vision of Number 8 and good at using the luck, then you can easily become a big shot as long as you go all out. Since you often get help from others in life, you tend to become sluggish, dislike work and rely too heavily on other people.

You attach great importance to the development of mental state and the content of spiritual life. So, try to get more in touch with people and choose a service job related to nature, which can enrich your mind and benefit you a lot!

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