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According to 2024 astorlogy calender, libra sign dates in 2024 start from September 22, 2024, 12:43 (UT/GMT) to October 22, 2024, 22:14 (UT/GMT)

Zodiac Signs libra


Sep 23 - Oct 22
People under the Libra sign often pursue equality and harmony; they are elegant, easy-going and gentle and have excellent social skills. Librans are very sincere, so they often have many true friends. The biggest weakness of Librans is that they are always indecisive. Male Librans tend to care about themselves but ignore others while the female Librans would like to have someone accompanying them.

Element Properties

Zodiac Signs libra
The Scales
Venus (Goddess of Love)
Cardinal or Movable
Back & Kidneys
France, Austria, Argentina, Egypt, Monaco, Guatemala and Singapore

Lucky Elements

Pale Blue
3, 6, 9, 10
Barberton Daisy, Timothy Flowers, Flamingo Flower, Alocasia
Overview: star icon

Despite of facing fierce competition and pressure sometimes in 2024, Libras will enjoy this state of life and will also get the results they want through their efforts. It should be noted that from....   Read more

Libra in Love
Libras go for perfect love free of any flaws. Librans, single-minded and persistent in love, would hold on straight to the end and never give up no matter how long the courtship is.
Career for Libra
Libra are born with a strong sense of beauty. The most suitable jobs for Libra are those with development space, such as diplomat, writer, artist and designer.


Good aesthetic taste
Strong logic and good at analysis
Innate elegance
Romantic lover
Fair, objective and righteous
Diplomatic and flexible
Afraid of offending others
Seduce others inadvertently
Indolent and love pleasure and comfort
Indecisive and hesitant
Narcissistic and lack of introspectiveness
Adapt palliative measures
Excessive demand of justice and unwilling to suffer losses
Irresponsible and unable to bear the pressure
Plausible and always have too many excuses
Weak-willed and easily influenced by others

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Libra Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, there are three Decans for each sun sign month with each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Different characteristics and planet are attached to different Decans. Check your decan by your birth date and find out your personality from the following links.
Libra 1st Decan (September 23 - October 2)
Libra 2nd Decan (October 3 - October 13)
Libra 3rd Decan (October 14 - October 22)

Libra Love Compatibility

Best Compatibility: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Least Compatibility: Cancer, Capricorn

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What are obstacles in love for Libra
Being straight forward! The Libra speak frankly and honestly, which will also be the obstacle of sweet love. Actually, their lover is very good at being tolerant. But if it’s beyond their limitation of tolerance and meanwhile, the Libra never change, they will not bear them any more. - See obstacles in love for other Signs

No. 1 Traits

Spending money, fashionable, dressing-up and narcissistic;
Emphasis on appearance and likely to undergo a liposuction;
Getting involved in an affair or love triangle;
Good at talking on the phone, like watching TV and making friends;
Objective, righteous and unlikely to bear grudges;
Irresolute, affording to lose and unlikely to feel guilty;
Carefree and indolent;
Worshipping everything foreign and pursuing sensual pleasure;

Career for Libra

Libras are suitable for jobs about human resources. Personnel department is their first choice. Libras like to play a role of nice guy in the company and care for their colleagues. They stand in others’ shoes to speak and act. Freshmen in the company especially can get along well with them. - See Career for other Signs

The Mythology of Libra

Libra is the scales used by Astraea, Lady Justice to judge the good and the evil for human beings. Astraea holds the scales in one hand and the sword in the other hand and her eyes are blindfolded for justice, thus the symbol of Libra...Click to read more about the the Mythology of Libra.

2024 Libra Horoscope


Despite of facing fierce competition and pressure sometimes in 2024, Libras will enjoy this state of life and will also get the results they want through their efforts. It should be noted that from September 9 to October 2, 2024, due to the negative impact of Mercury retrograde, Libras may not have a particularly good time, and may even encounter a lot of difficult problems that catch them off guard, so they should be prepared to deal with them.

In 2024, Libras will encounter some twists and turns in the workplace, and their fortune will be volatile. Libras must reflect on themselves in time, and review the work plan for the whole year; if they feel that there is something unreasonable, they must make adjustments and changes in time. This year, Libras may be assigned a lot of work tasks by their supervisors, but due to the workload is too heavy to complete, they should explain and clarify the situation to their superiors in a timely manner.

In 2024, their financial standing will not be very optimistic. Libras will be very stubborn this year, always adhering to their own principles and ideas, so they will miss a lot of good opportunities to make money. They should be innovative, knowing how to follow the trend, so as to get more money into their account. In 2024, they can participate in some business meetings, to get more cutting-edge business information, otherwise they will only get a fixed salary every month.

Emotionally, the single Libras will have a strong desire to fall in love this year. However, they will be very likely to meet debauched men and women, and they will not end up with a happy and fulfilling love life eventually. Those who have partners will have a very sweet relationship, and they will often go window-shopping, having dinners and dating together. The married couples should beware of a third partner involved in their marriage, and they should take care not to get stuck in the trap nor betray their partners.  

In 2024, Libras will be likely to get overworked, there will also be the possibility of depression, and some other minor health problems may also break out constantly.  So, they must attach great importance to the health maintenance. If their original constitution is particularly weak, they should focus on improving the immunity. They should also keep a good balance between work and rest. They should go to bed early, and not to stay up too late for a long time.

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