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According to 2024 astorlogy calender, virgo sign dates in 2024 start from August 22, 2024, 14:54 (UT/GMT) to September 22, 2024, 12:43 (UT/GMT)

Zodiac Signs virgo


Aug 23 - Sep 22
Situated to the east of Leo and to the west of Libra, Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign associated with the people who are born between August 23 and September 22. It is indicated by a Virgin. Virgo people adhere to their pursuit of perfectionism and they will never make do with life and perfection; they are motivated and aggressive and they need to be encouraged. Male Virgoans have strong perseverance and they are persistent; female Virgoans have strong thirst for knowledge.

Element Properties

Zodiac Signs virgo
The Virgin
Intestines, Abdomen
Sweden, Brazil, Switzerland, Liberia, Panama, England

Lucky Elements

Grey, Beige
4, 5, 6
Peridot, Citrine
Oncidium Hybridum, Zephyranthes, Orchid
Overview: star icon

Virgos may have some ups and downs in some aspects in 2024, and they may also have some surprises. Whatever, they should stay strong inside. From September 9th to October 2nd 2004, Virgo's horoscope....   Read more

Virgo in Love
Virgos are perfectionists in life. They are obsessively tidy whether in life or love relationship and can be extremely picky, even hyper-critical.
Career for Virgo
As the well-known perfectionist in the 12 zodiac signs, Virgos are extremely demanding and would do the best for their job without any flaw.


Clever and capable
Like things in order and in clean state
Rational and modest
Can distinguish right from wrong
In pursuit of perfection and hard-working
Clear-minded and strong analysis ability
Over-critical, Nitpicking
Precise and hard to please
Narcissistic and nagging

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Virgo Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, there are three Decans for each sun sign month with each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Different characteristics and planet are attached to different Decans. Check your decan by your birth date and find out your personality from the following links.
Virgo 1st Decan (August 23 - September 2)
Virgo 2nd Decan (September 3 - September 12)
Virgo 3rd Decan (September 13 - September 22)

Virgo Love Compatibility

Best Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn
Least Compatibility: Gemini, Sagittarius

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What are obstacles in love for Virgo
Mysophobia! The Virgo have a strong mysophobia mentally. They will be rejective by the light of nature if they find their lover has an ex. But only if dating with the one who is ignorant with affairs, you can be the first love of him/her. Otherwise others actually had love experiences ever more or less. - See obstacles in love for other Signs

No. 1 Traits

Intellectual and attaching great importance to exams;
Fearing mistakes, thirsting for knowledge and informing secretly on a colleague;
Good at analysis and like to surpassing the lover;
Reserved and unwilling to suffer losses;
Time keeping, high criteria for lover and fussing;
Bargaining, nitpicking and don't know how to drag time;
Erudite, clean-loving, possible late marriage and snobbish;
Scatting, making a fuss and practical;

Career for Virgo

Virgos are suitable for working in large enterprises. The larger a private enterprise is, the more pressure it has. And this is the cup of tea for Virgos specifically. They prefer a job in which they have to work really hard. Planning is a nice job. Adding cautiousness and being meticulous about career of Virgos, they can plan every detail of their job. Planning work is a good choice. However, Virgos should not fuss about details. - See Career for other Signs

The Mythology of Virgo

Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture who presided over grains and the Mother Earth of Greece, had a beautiful only daughter Persephone who was the Goddess of Spring and everywhere she went would bloom with beautiful flowers...Click to read more about the the Mythology of Virgo.

2024 Virgo Horoscope


Virgos may have some ups and downs in some aspects in 2024, and they may also have some surprises. Whatever, they should stay strong inside. From September 9th to October 2nd 2004, Virgo's horoscope may show a continuous decline due to the influence of Mercury retrograde. During this period, they should not do anything unfavorable to themselves, otherwise it will bring serious consequences and their pressure will become extremely heavy.

In 2024, Virgos will feel disappointed in many fields of their work, but occasionally they will taste success, which will rekindle the sparks of hope. At work, they must find the fields that they are good at and particularly in, so that they can continue to move forward along this direction and become stronger and stronger. In 2024, Virgos must establish a good image of an employee in the workplace, and dress up decently every day.

Financially, their expenses will be likely to increase. If they are planning to invest in the stock market, they should learn and understand the professional knowledge in advance, and should not be too impulsive. For women, they should not overly covet the bright and glamorous life in 2024, otherwise it will bring them a heavy financial burden. Men may need to buy a house or a car this year, so they will have to take out a bank loan, which will put them under heavy financial pressure.

In the aspect of relationship, those who have partners must fully understand their partner's ideas, and try to communicate and coordinate when things go wrong, and they should try not to argue and quarrel. The single Virgos, especially the older ones, may crazily urged by their parents to get married, and they also need to go to the blind date dinner very often, but it will still be difficult for them to meet the right one.  The married Virgos will have great differences in the education of their children, which will make their family in a mess. In the face of this situation, Virgos must solve the problem in a timely manner, rather than evade responsibility and ignore it.

Virgos will not have a good health condition in 2024, with various diseases occurring. This year, they may have more skin problems, so they should focus on the daily personal cleanliness and hygiene and tidiness. In addition, they should also keep a balance between work and life, and not to overwork to the extent to skipping meals and sleep, because a good balance between work and rest is essential.

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