Ophiuchus - The 13th Zodiac Sign

Representative Meanings of Ophiuchus

Representative Meanings of Ophiuchus

Date Range: Nov. 30 - Dec. 17
Element: Fire 
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Lucky Color: Purple
Lucky Flowers: pansies, calamus, black roses, etc.
Personality: capricious, hesitant, calm, thoughtful, cold-blooded
Best Compatibility: Leo, Gemini
Ophiuchus represents the courage and perseverance of fighting against death and people under the Ophiuchus sign can hardly be defeated. Being loyal and steady, they have a strict standard on the good and the evil. In addition, Ophiuchus people have their own ideal and goal and always stride forward to challenges with the strong motivation.

Character of Ophiuchus People

Character of Ophiuchus People
Since Ophiuchus is a constellation consisting of two (Ophiuchus and Serpens), people under this sign have an entangled character, just like the war between Ophiuchus and Serpens: sometimes they are rational and sometimes sensitive; sometimes philanthropic and sometimes indifferent. That's why they often wonder whether they are like Scorpian or Sagittarian. No matter what they are like, however, they cannot deny the trait of the other half.

Located between Scorpio and Sagittarius, Ophiuchus has the advantages and disadvantages of both. Since a star of Ophiuchus at the foot belongs to the tail of Scorpio, the Scorpian character and temperament dominate the Ophiuchus people, so they are calm, thinking, aggressive, shrewd, attentive, cold and mysterious. At the same time, they are similar with the Sagittarius people in terms of passion, insight and making unremitting efforts to achieve the goal.

When it comes to love, Ophiuchus people inherit the characteristics of both zodiac signs and they cherish love very much. Generally, they are very passionate for love and have common points with people under fire, earth, air and water signs, hoping to find the true love from them. Different with the Sagittarius people, they like the clingy lover but may put an end to the relationship quickly once they find the problems, which is similar with the Sagittarians cutting the knots quickly. Despite of the good tolerance, they may also feel sad in the dark corner due to the inherent Scorpian character.

In addition, Ophiuchus people don't like to cause trouble to others but get used to bear the pain independently. In fact, they just want others to see their sunny side by doing this but always make others mistakenly think they are "malicious". When they have something to show off, they won't tell you (like the low-key Scorpians); when you find it, however, they will be very proud (like the high-key Sagittarians).

The Ophiuchus people are so complicated that they are unpredictable and you can hardly tell their next action; the more you contact with them, the more mysterious you will feel they are. You will not feel the mystery at the very beginning but after you learning it, you will find it is nothing but as naive as a pupil.

It is worth mentioning that Ophiuchus people are very similar with Scorpians when it comes to love relationship and they can hardly forget the past. They are very special in bearing grudges: they can remember any gratitude or resentment, thus have complicated feeling in recalling a person as they remember of the other's goodness but cannot let go of the hatred.

In summary, Ophiuchus people are very complicated and changeable despite their good intentions.

Ophiuchus Love Compatibility

Perfect Match: Leo
You Ophiuchus people are persistent to love and career, perfectly matching the personality of your Leo lover who is resolute and affectionate. Therefore, you two can always appreciate and never abandon each other no matter what difficulties you encounter.

Bosom Friend: Cancer
You are seemingly optimistic but always hide a lot in your heart; you cannot help missing the people and things appeared in your life and this kind of sadness can only be understood by the thoughtful Cancer friend who is willing to accompany and encourage you and bring you the warm feeling.

Best Partner: Capricorn
Sometimes, you are enthusiastic and caring and sometimes cold. With such a personality, you need to find a business partner with the stable mood, such as the Capricornian, to complement to each other and make great achievements.

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Legend of Ophiuchus

Legend of Ophiuchus
Serpent was a symbol of medicine in ancient Greece. The hero of Ophiuchus was Asclepius who was an excellent healer and a son of Apollo. Asclepius could cure the dying people and save the just died people. As a result, the population of the Hell decreased sharply and Hades in charge of the Hell complained to his brother Zeus. For the sake of his brother and his vow of preventing the entire human race from becoming immortal, Zeus agreed to the request of Hades and killed Asclepius with a bolt of lightning.

Apollo was very sad after learning the news and he came to Zeus to complain. Zeus was also very regretful and found it improper to have killed the benevolent healer. Therefore, he brought the soul of Asclepius to the Heaven and appointed him as the God of Medicine. To praise the painstaking research and exploration spirit of Asclepius, Zeus also brought the Serpent to the Heaven and made it and Asclepius the Ophiuchus.

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Is there really a 13th zodiac sign?

Many people hold a wait-and-see or skeptical attitude toward the legendary 13th zodiac sign: is there really an Ophiuchus zodiac? What is the evidence of its existence?
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