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Maybe you two are strangers brought together by fate. Many people are destined to spend the whole life with their partners. Marriage means to share responsibilities. Either party with no sense of family responsibility can make the marriage hard to maintain. Then, what does the future of your marriage look like? How will you get along with your partner? Come and predict your marriage with your life path number!

Your Life Path Number Compatibility



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1 and 1 Both of them have a strong desire to lead and to maintain their independence. In an intimate relationship, the match of Life Path Number 1 + Number 1 can appreciate each other. Yet the hidden risk is not to be ignored, as they may compete with each other. On the whole, this is a good match and the relationship will be as exciting as an American blockbuster.
1 and 2 or 2 and 1 The two, in totally different styles, need to respect each other's role. Life Path 1 is suggested to bring home the bacon while Life Path 2 is suggested to take care of the family, clean up the home and maintain romance between them. Life Path Number 1 should be constant in love and take Life Path Number 2 as the one.
1 and 3 or 3 and 1 This is a match who can keep alive the spark of love and they will embrace and enjoy life heartily together. Life Path Number 3 can recognize the ability and achievement of Number 1, and give the latter a sense of satisfaction. Number 3 is full of ideas while Number 1 is full of motivation. The combination will certainly make something happen. However, neither of them likes to be criticized, so the tone and wording is quite important for this match.
1 and 4 or 4 and 1 Life Path Number 1 cannot stand the extreme eager of Life Path Number 4 for power. Number 1 always wants to be in place in one step, making the detail-oriented and fussy Number 4 unbearable. Since Number 1 and Number 4 are incompatible, it's not easy for them to get along with each other. If they can understand each other, recognize each other's abilities and see each other's strengths, then they will be an enviable match.
1 and 5 or 5 and 1 The combination of Life Path Number 1 + Number 5 is a perfect match. Both of them yearn for freedom and want to take charge of their own life independently. Number 1 and Number 5 are so busy with their own affairs that they have little time together. Because of this, they can make the time together quite precious and romantic. Of course, the relationship will be a little challenging if both of them want to dominate.
1 and 6 or 6 and 1 The combination of Number 1 and Number 6 indicates potential struggle for rights. Number 6 enjoys giving and wants to dominate while Number 1 always wishes to be free and subject to no one's control. Only if this problem is solved can they stay together and give each other what they want.
1 and 7 or 7 and 1 Life Path Number 1 and Life Path Number 7, though with very different energy, can get along very well. Number 7 is acute and insightful while Number 1 is motivated to do things. To be together, they must have a good understanding of each other's number and its meanings. Number 1 may plunge into the external world and completely ignore what Number 7 really needs. Number 7 might be completely immersed in his/her own world, making Number 1 difficult to understand. Both of them should know each other's strengths s and weaknesses and try to improve.
1 and 8 or 8 and 1 Life Path Number 1 and Number 8 can be the best partners in business rather than love. Both of them are aggressive, difficult and always optimistic about things. Neither of them can accept criticism from others. To maintain a close relationship, both of them should be open-minded, learn to compromise and become less aggressive.
1 and 9 or 9 and 1 The selfless Life Path Number 9 will create an atmosphere of harmony which makes Number 1 feel quite comfortable. Meanwhile, Number 1 should see, understand and accept the love and selflessness of Number 9 to family, friends and any other people. Number 9 needs to accept the strong and self-centered style of Number 1.
2 and 2 Both need to give and give love. It's a good match. Since both of them are very good at reconciling, they can basically agree on any topic. They should always bear in mind that both of them are too bashful to stand any offensive language. Of course, this is generally not a problem, as both of them are very polite and appreciate each other.
2 and 3 or 3 and 2 Life Path Number 3 and Number 2 are attractive to each other and can be very happy together. The energetic and optimistic Number 3 enjoys life and likes to stand in the limelight while Number 2 prefers to stay behind the scenes and watch the performance of the former. Life Path 2, with a peaceful and quiet character, can complement the fun-loving Number 3 in a perfect way.
2 and 4 or 4 and 2 This is a very stable match. Life Path Number 4 attaches great importance to family and hopes to be the backbone of family while Number 2 likes nothing better than family. On this point, they are a good-assorted pair. Perhaps the only difference between them lies in the expression of love. Number 2 likes to show love and physical contact while Number 4 is relatively reserved in emotional expression.
2 and 5 or 5 and 2 Life Path Number 2 likes family life and the feeling of being loved while Number 5 yearns for freedom, novelty and excitement. To be together, they need enough charm and a lot of hard work and compromise. They can surely be together and support each other, but it will be not easy nevertheless.
2 and 6 or 6 and 2 This combination is a wonderful match. Life Path Number 6 puts family first, while Number 2 is best at expressing love and concern for family. This pair should pay attention to each other's wording. Number 6 is extremely eager for praise and Number 2 is very sensitive. The straightforward manner and barb of Number 6 can easily hurt Number 2, so both of them should pay more attention to this.
2 and 7 or 7 and 2 Life Path Number 2 and Number 7 share both similarities and differences. Number 2 wishes to express feelings while Number 7 is a stickler for privacy and personal space. To be together, they should pay attention to each other's characteristics and make some compromises. In general, Life Path 2 would like to spend time with partner. If this is infeasible for a variety of reasons, he/she will find other things to spend the time.
2 and 8 or 8 and 2 This combination is a perfect match, appreciating and respecting each other's roles. Life Path Number 8 attaches great importance to material wealth and success, and focuses on family economy and external world; while Number 2 is a family-oriented person who can satisfy his/her partner's self-esteem. But if Number 8 fails to realize and appreciate Number 2's devotion to family, the relationship will be in trouble. Generally speaking, this combination is the conventional ''men outside and women inside'' pattern. Or conversely, it will be the unconventional ''women outside and men inside'' pattern.
2 and 9 or 9 and 2 This match is either very successful or very common. Life Path Number 2 likes being noticed very much while Number 9 is considerate and tends to concentrate on people around and pay less attention to the former. Life Path Number 9 is a born organizer and Number 2 a born team player, so they can be a good match. Number 9 should know that Number 2 doesn't like being alone while Number 2 should know that Number 9 enjoys caring about everyone.
3 and 3 Both of them are very sociable and artistic and the life together can be enjoyable and exciting. They know each other, support each other, and are very happy together. The only problem is that both of them love to play and the daily life is to be managed. The details of real life, if not handled properly, will become a serious obstacle between them.
3 and 4 or 4 and 3 Life Path Number 3 is impulsive while Number 4 is stubborn and arranges everything in perfect order. To be together, one of them has to make concessions and compromises but this is difficult for both of them. Number 3 lives for the moment day by day; Number 4 always has a good plan for the future. If they can find a middle road, they can still be a good couple. Life Path 3 can teach Life Path 4 to live happily and optimistically, while Number 4 can give Number 3 a haven to rest in when the latter is tired.
3 and 5 or 5 and 3 This match can win the social championship. The playful Life Path 3 and Life Path 5 can have a lot of fun together and find each other very attractive. They will take part in all kinds of social activities and travel together, never getting bored. Both of them are very imaginative yet neither is good at managing money. As a result, they may encounter unexpected problems in daily life.
3 and 6 or 6 and 3 This combination is a lively match. Number 3 is good at planning and full of passion. Number 6 likes to encourage and support Number 3, providing the latter with a stable environment. The two have chemistry and long-term passion for each other. But Life Path Number 3 is somewhat frivolous, making the possessive Number 6 upset. Usually it is Life Path Number 6 who can not bear and proposes a breakup.
3 and 7 or 7 and 3 There is a big gap between the two. Number 3 tends to plunge into all kinds of social activities and travel opportunities, while Number 7 prefers being alone to social life and quiet environment to the noisy and can only accept limited social interaction. Both can't stand each other, so conflict is inevitable. To be together, they should learn to read each other, get to know each other's needs and goals, and try to communicate and exchange sincerely.
3 and 8 or 8 and 3 This combination calls for hard work to be together, as Number 3 and Number 8 are completely different in dealing with problems. Life Path Number 8 aspires to power and usually focuses on the pursuit of material wealth and social status, disappointing Number 3 who is extremely eager to be cared and encouraged. To be together, Number 8 should disconnect from business activities and enjoy life together with Number 3. Since Number 8 is not the fun-loving type, it's not easy to do that.
3 and 9 or 9 and 3 This is a perfect match. Both Life Path Number 3 and Number 9 wish to be in the spotlight and to be adored by others. They care about people around and can give each other inspiration and motivation. Number 9 is a generous mentor and Number 3 is a curious student ready to follow the orders of the former. They share and respect each other. For them, the greatest challenge is to settle down, start a family and pay monthly bills on time.
4 and 4 This pair share common values and outlook on life, and both are concerned about whether they can pay monthly bills on time and whether the future is secure. With a common goal in life, they usually work together to succeed. A problem for them is that both of them are dissatisfied. It's hard for them to relax and to enjoy the ideas and current life. Nevertheless, the combination of Number 4 + Number 4 is the most stable among all.
4 and 5 or 5 and 4 The life of these two numbers together can be a "challenge"! Life Path Number 4 and Number 5 vary in interests and ways of expression. The blunt Number 4 often gets straight to the point while Number 5 speaks in a roundabout way and pays attention to skills. Number 4 hates change and Number 5 can't wait to meet new changes. To maintain the relationship, they should respect each other's differences and keep communication anytime and anywhere.
4 and 6 or 6 and 4 This combination is the "model couple" in everyone's eyes. As long as they meet, they can feel attractive to each other. Generally speaking, Number 6 will take the initiative in this relationship and both of them want to build a perfect family and a long-term relationship. But it is difficult for them to understand the meaning of ''no pains, no gains''.
4 and 7 or 7 and 4 Both of them attach great importance to the sense of security and will take the relationship seriously. Despite of the limited romance and sparks, the relationship is indestructible. Life Path Number 4 is a natural protector and material provider of the family, while Number 7 provides infinite possibilities for spiritual exploration and adventure. They can learn from each other and meet each other's demands.
4 and 8 or 8 and 4 This is a good match. Both know the value of hard work, how to manage money, and how to ensure personal interests and success in the real world. Number 4 is good at planning, and Number 8 is ready to act. The problem lies in how to spend time alone with each other and develop the relationship in the busy life. Since both know how to plan for the future, their marriage can be quite stable.
4 and 9 or 9 and 4 The two, with totally opposite viewpoints, can hardly make an ideal match. Life Path Number 9 is kind and keen on social activities while Number 4 focuses on personal success and material security. To maintain a long-term relationship, they should be aware of and accept each other's differences with an open mind. Number 4 should learn to appreciate the wisdom and knowledge of Number 9, while Number 9 should see the efforts and persistence of Number 4.
5 and 5 The combination of Life Path Number 5 + Number 5 is a good match, as they know how to respect each other's differences and spirit of adventure. They are open-minded and ready to accept new ideas and changes. Also, they can read each other's mind without effort, give each other space and accept each other's lifestyle. As long as they support each other, they can do anything. The only problem is that they are too distracted to deal with specific things in real life.
5 and 6 or 6 and 5 This match calls for a lot of compromises. Number 5 is freedom-loving and needs personal space while Number 6 is possessive and dominating in a relationship. Life Path Number 6 asks for 100% loyalty while Number 5 goes after novelty and adventure. To maintain a long-term relationship, both need to compromise with each other. If neither of them is prepared to step back, the relationship will be in trouble.
5 and 7 or 7 and 5 The relationship of Life Path Number 5 and Number 7 is not bound by rules and restrictions. Since the two are quite alike in many aspects, they are compatible with each other. Number 7 likes to be alone and enjoys exploring and private space while Number 5 is keen on various activities and finds it difficult to focus on his/her partner for a long time. In addition, both like to explore the unknown and they can constantly share each other's thoughts and knowledge.
5 and 8 or 8 and 5 The match of Number 8 and Number 5 usually plays by different rules. Opposed on intimacy, Life Path Number 8 always wants to gain the upper hand and dominate the relationship while Number 5 resists all forms of control and goes after freedom. What Number 8 wants is money and material success but Number 5 doesn't want to be bothered by money at all. A good plan for the future and an understanding of giving constantly will be the precondition for them to be together.
5 and 9 or 9 and 5 The relationship between Life Path Number 5 and Number 9 is beset by changes. Both Number 5 and Number 9 often go through transitions and changes. Because of this, they can understand each other and attract each other no matter in the short or long term. Number 9 is friendly and Number 5 always thinks ahead of time. With a lot in common, they can get along well. To maintain a stable relationship, however, both need to give each other solemn promises.
6 and 6 This is a rather passionate and practical match. Both of them are most concerned about family, and this is what they have in common. Life Path 6s are gifted with the skill of taking care of their partner, so they can understand and take care of each other's needs. For them, building a family comes out top of the list. However, both of them want to gain control and they may conflict on the issue of "who has the final say". Generally speaking, this problem will be solved readily when they get down to specific.
6 and 7 or 7 and 6 The two, with varied temperament, hold different attitudes towards intimacy. Life Path Number 6 looks forward to a perfect family and a long-lasting relationship; it's hard to figure out what Number 7 exactly wants from an intimate relationship unless he/she reveals it as time goes on. Despite the attraction between them, it is not easy for them to be together. Number 6 is possessive and full of ideas while Number 7 hates to be under control. They need to keep communicating and make some compromises to each other.
6 and 8 or 8 and 6 Life Path Number 6 and Number 8 are very compatible with each other and they can create an optimistic and positive atmosphere together. They have many dreams, and they can turn their dreams to reality. They support each other at work, help each other in life, and enjoy entertaining friends at home and socializing. But the possessiveness of Number 6 can make the workaholic Number 8 uncomfortable.
6 and 9 or 9 and 6 Life Path Number 6 and Number 9 form a wonderful match. Few people can win the respect of Number 6 like Number 9. The family-oriented Number 6 would take good care of his/her family members while Number 9 is lavish in his/her praise of the former. This usually creates an atmosphere of mutual love for their happy family. Number 6 reminds Number 9 to notice details and general knowledge, while Number 9 can expand Life Path 6's vision. For them, the one thing that needs attention is to control budget and expenses.
7 and 7 No one can better see the special of Life Path Number 7 than another Number 7! From this point of view, two Number 7s are a good match. When they are together, they can either explore the wonderful world or enjoy the happy life. They think the same way, thus can easily understand each other's actions. The only problem is the lack of communication because both of them are silent. Therefore, they need to keep communicating.
7 and 8 or 8 and 7 Life Path Number 7 and Number 8 can work together yet have problems when it comes to a love relationship. The possessive Number 8 would try to control others while Number 7 values privacy and hates to be controlled. Since both numbers are dominating, verbal conflict will be inevitable. One thing of Number 7 and Number 8 in common lies in their emphasis on stability. If they can make compromises for each other, the relationship can be good.
7 and 9 or 9 and 7 It's hard for Number 7 and Number 9 to remain neutral. Their relationship can either get better with a common belief or get worse with different beliefs. The stubborn Life Path Number 7 and 9 would stick to their own positions, especially when it comes to belief. If they share the same belief, they can be very compatible; but if they believe in different things, certain compromises should be made for each other.
8 and 8 This is a match of passion and love! As long as two Number 8s start a relationship, they can make it stable and long. Life Path Number 8 is easily attracted by other things in life. For them, love is not the only thing, because wealth and career are equally important. In spite of the stable relationship between them, both Number 8s are poor at expressing true feelings with words and actions. They should avoid conflict and competition, and try not to be fully immersed in work.
8 and 9 or 9 and 8 It's challenging for Life Path Number 8 and Number 9 to be together. Both of them are independent and can hardly accept each other's habits. Generally speaking, Number 9 is quite enthusiastic while Number 8 goes after wealth and social status. To maintain a long relationship, Number 8 should learn from the latter. The practical Number 8 and the passionate Number 9 can be good partners in a team. However the most common thing is that neither of them can stand the other.
9 and 9 Two Number 9s can be a wonderful match, as they know each other's intelligence and needs. Life Path Number 9s are quite selfless by nature. They all want to do things for each other and become the one for another to rely on. When they fall in love, they can grow up and explore together and learn from each other. As a result, this is a combination of inspiration for each other.
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