Birthday Number

Birth date number represents your personality traits and behaviors by nature, and reveals your personality and way of thinking. The energy of birth date number runs through your whole life and it is a special label of your personal touch.

Birthday Number: 1

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, then the sum of the birth date is 1, which means your birth day number is 1. With this number, you are a dominating figure, and appear to be extremely conceited, enterprising and eager to be the best in your team. While leaving a conceited image to other people, your confidence gives you a strong presence. You are very confident in your choices and judgments, and almost independent of others' opinions in making any decisions.

Birthday number 1 (born on the 1st )

Birthday number 10 (born on the 10th )

Birthday number 19 (born on the 19th )

Birthday number 28 (born on the 28th )

Birthday Number: 2

Birth day number 2 is always kind, gentle and smart in winning the trust of others. You are very sensitive and often become irresolute because of minor details. Soft and delicate inside, you are reluctant to hurt anyone and even sacrifice yourself to help others out. For you, humility is a virtue, and you draw no line for it. Perhaps the only thing that birth day number 2 insists is peace and beauty. The sensitivity and delicacy make you talented in art. But different birth dates can lead to the distinctions between number 2s.

Birthday number 2 (born on the 2nd )

Birthday number 20 (born on the 20th )

Birthday number 29 (born on the 29th )

Birthday Number: 3

Birth day number 3, a real joy, lives to bring joys to everyone. Anyone who feels depressed or finds life boring wouldn't be wrong to come to you for diversion. Gifted in entertaining others, you are popular among the crowd and often come up with all kinds of interesting ideas. For you, the lifelong pursuit is to live a relaxed and happy life. You are reluctant to waste much energy on over thinking and intriguing. It doesn't mean you are simple - you just want to be simpler. Your greatest virtue lies in that you are confident and broad-minded. When you plunge into something, you will behave like a child and feel full with the joy around.

Birthday number 3 (born on the 3rd )

Birthday number 12 (born on the 12th )

Birthday number 30 (born on the 30th )

Birthday Number: 4

Birth day number 4 is a synonym for the term "still waters run deep". Although you obey the rules in daily life, you look a little unusual. You usually hope to keep a low profile and would take center stage occasionally yet never want to be so flashy. You would seek a stable state all the life. With a great sensitivity to environment, society and interpersonal relationship, you can easily sense the trivial matters, thus more cautious in words and actions. Being pragmatic, you are most concerned about the basic structure of life and able to reach your goals in the most effective way. What's more, you have a strong sense of responsibility and always appear to be trustworthy in the eyes of other people.

Birthday number 4 (born on the 4th )

Birthday number 13 (born on the 13th )

Birthday number 31 (born on the 31st )

Birthday Number: 5

Freedom is the only pursuit of birth day number 5 in the world. You hate being bound by others or rules, so you treat others with the same open attitude. You can make friends easily and talk with any kind of people. It would be futile for anyone to interfere in your life. You are keen on different cultures and travel, active in thinking, versatile, and smart-minded, so you can learn anything quickly. You hate the methodical work and tend to be attracted by industries full of challenges or changes. You may dabble in many fields yet seldom go deep into any of them due to the lack of patience and self-discipline. This is the biggest weakness of birth day number 5. You must understand that freedom is relative and you will accomplish nothing if you are indulgent with yourself.

Birthday number 5 (born on the 5th )

Birthday number 14 (born on the 14th )

Birthday number 23 (born on the 23rd )

Birthday Number: 6

Birth day number 6 has a great taste and high standard for beauty, as well as a special talent and appreciation for creative works like color, design and decoration and performing arts like drama, music and dance. These factors may even affect your attitude and feelings in daily life. Number 6 just lives for the sake of beauty and art. Also, number 6 indicates a high sense of justice, so you are known for your fairness and justice! In addition, you are compassionate and have a strong sense of duty and responsibility for your family and the public. Therefore, you always take care of others either in a group or in your family. It is this loving trait that makes birth day number 6 widely seen in NGOs and medical aid units. You would exemplify your love in specific practices.

Birthday number 6 (born on the 6th )

Birthday number 15 (born on the 15th )

Birthday number 24 (born on the 24th )

Birthday Number: 7

Birth day number 7 takes a rather skeptical view of anything or any interpersonal relationship, not content with the superficial established facts. You hope to analyze the real motivation through continuous exploration of the inner core and establish your own value system. Therefore, you view the world from a unique perspective, keep a low key and have a reservation about the standards recognized by the public. With a special emphasis on nature and spirit, you are good at bringing inner peace and comfort to others. For you, spiritual upgrade is much more important than the physical, so you would spend a lot of time on solitude and thinking. To some extent, number 7 doesn't really like social life or party, so you often keep a safe distance from others. But your silence can be misunderstood by others.

Birthday number 7 (born on the 7th )

Birthday number 16 (born on the 16th )

Birthday number 25 (born on the 25th )

Birthday Number: 8

Birth day number 8 often maintains a distance from others. Many people think you are patronising and unapproachable. In fact, you are enthusiastic and warm-hearted yet ashamed to show it. Compared with other birth day numbers, you are more likely to encounter unexpected things, so you often have a special sense of mystery and seem to be much lonelier. Perhaps it is you habit of fighting alone that leads to your better judgment and business acumen than other birthday numbers. Once you discover your potential, you will get money, fame, and success easily. Number 8 is very tough and used to challenging difficulties. Not content with the small success, you would go after greater achievements to settle down. However, the woolly goals can make you get nothing.

Birthday number 8 (born on the 8th )

Birthday number 17 (born on the 17th )

Birthday number 26 (born on the 26th )

Birthday Number: 9

With a birth day number 9, you never hide your inner energy and passion, so people around just can't help pumping you up and wish miracles will look after you! In the eyes of others, you are lovely, innocent, kind, generous, and vigorous. Full of hope for life, you can always infect everyone around and attract them with your optimism. You are basically healthy and clear about what to go after in life. Your life's goal is to achieve success by fulfills one after another plan. You seem to never compromise your lofty ideas to anything, so you will get a lot of help in your life and more chances to succeed than other birthday numbers. But too much passion can result in failure. Number 9 sometimes would lose control of emotions due to the failure in reaching goals. You must learn to ease off your pace, keep regular exercise and follow your normal routine for inner peace.

Birthday number 9 (born on the 9th )

Birthday number 18 (born on the 18th )

Birthday number 27 (born on the 27th )

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