Missing Number

A missing number indicates your weakness in a certain aspect. It is these weaknesses that prompt you to constantly pursue perfection and have more hopes for life.

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Missing Number: 1

You must learn to be independent and find your own feet.
Your opinions often differ from what others really need. Only after a hard struggle can you understand your willpower.
You must stick to and trust to your own judgment; be sure of yourself rather than blindly follow the herd.
As a result, you will undergo a lot of trial and error, and sometimes you may even lose control of the situation.
Sometimes, you will feel quite frustrated and angry inside until you find a way out. You will have your own values and grow into the most original and innovative self.

Missing Number: 2

You are too sensitive and clearly know what others hope of you. You will hide yourself from calling attention to yourself, and get bewildered due to the strong sense of self. Also, you will worry about what others say about you, thus become over-depressed. It's all because you're repressing your individuality too much yet want to integrate with the public.

In your life, emotion and sentiment play an important role. Your tension can cause fear, timidity, and a lack of confidence. Sometimes you will find it difficult to overcome the little trouble which can make you hesitate to proceed. Jealousy can make you suffer and misunderstand.

Of course, you also have such positive features as accurate cognition and intuition. You know what others feel inside before they speak up. In lack of the inner capacity to sustain the ego, you tend to act on your moods. Because of this, you will understand and sympathize with others, and like to solve emotional problems for them.

Missing Number: 3

As the worst critic of yourself, you will suppress your creativity and ego. Every time before you do something, you will doubt yourself and afterwards you will criticize yourself unmercifully. Your criticism of yourself is even more severe than that of others. In order to make it safe, you always deal with things on the surface and barely express your inner thoughts; on the contrary, you would hide your inner feelings with humor and perfunctory words and deeds.

You often feel lonely and nervous in social intercourse, so you often want a lot of jokes to relieve or express the inner tension through writing, painting, singing or dancing. You should try to display the real self and learn to value yourself. Your creativity is definitely superior to the judgment of others. You'll be more independent, and won't have to echo back others blindly.

Missing Number: 4

You tend to be undisciplined and unrealistic, often fantasize about plans that are impossible or of little value. You should learn to know what is possible and what is impossible. You will find it difficult to finish the plan because you don't know how to go by the vague vision. You need to learn the details of everything and become more efficient.

You'd better build sustained bedrock for your life, which requires perseverance and continuous efforts. The idea of quick profit will cause bad results and the key to your success will be the continuous efforts.

Missing Number: 5

You want to experience all kinds of life; you need freedom and hope to try many things and go anywhere. Be careful not to indulge in alcohol, food, drug and sex. You must build and maintain a long-term relationship, be patient, and know more about others to make better friends.

You should be able to deal with situations inconsistent with your requirements, stick to your plan, maintain the friendship and never give up a friend or a job when it's a little tough.

You might be afraid of change and unable to forget some people and their situations; you will submerge yourself in the past and stop growing. You should develop a spirit of adventure.

Missing Number: 6

Your missing number indicates a perverted idealism. Your ideals are so high and unreal that life can be difficult for you and others. A lack of gratitude makes you blind to the beauty of life.

You, without a wider view, feel that you're everything and just can't receive information that will help you.

You sincerely hope to serve others yet can't see what you really need inside.

You might be arrogant and honest, often tell others what is right and what is wrong and show no thanks to other people.

You will find the opportunity to serve others is about teaching or healing. What you need is the balance between idealism and barriers to personal growth.

Missing Number: 7

You are skeptical of anything unproven, especially those that are spiritual. Therefore, you will find it hard to face life calmly. You tend to repress a lot of real hobbies which are inconsistent with your rational thinking; the inner childlike nature is also held back by you.

You will exclude the unreasonable or philosophical thinking in everyone's life, such as spirit, humor and intuition. You should learn to overcome it and try to show the hidden traits deep inside; otherwise you may live a lonely life.

Once you learn to believe in something and get to know that life is made up of invisible thoughts, emotions, insights and love, you will realize that your senses can only dominate a small part of life. Maybe you are very proud but a deep and modest change will release you from the inner shackles you imposed on yourself.

Missing Number: 8

In your life, you will run risks to make money or take over power. You may compromise your personality and spirit to the desire for wealth. Your desire for wealth will obliterate other needs and influence everything you do. As you try to turn everything into wealth, you will endure loneliness.

A missing Number 8 means you may take some ruthless or shameless business ways out of the excessive materialism, or exploit legal loopholes which can lead to the tragic fate of yourself or someone else.

Missing Number: 9

You will be tested by spirit and understand that "man can't live on bread alone". Once you overcome the difficulty, you can achieve the balance between material and spirit. It's better to turn yourself into a powerful and trickling river rather than an only-in-no-out lake: as a river you can bring endless nutrients to everyone but a lake may stagnate and fail to meet the needs of life.

Once you know your weakness, you can overcome it; but if not you will make yourself the victim. And your weakness lies between your satisfied life and your ego.

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