Meanings of Birthday Numbers from 1 to 31

The Day of Birth number is the day on which we were born. It indicates our talents, characteristics, abilities etc. that we have in life. It’s a key factor in choosing a career.

Born on the 1st of a month

Born on the 1st day of a month, you are independent, strong and determined. You don't like to talk too much yet have a strong execution and view things from a very practical perspective. Your great creativity might be overlooked as you go too far in keeping your feet on the ground. Not only are you capable of completing work independently, but you have a strong desire to control and know everything around quite well. Only in this way can you feel secure and confident. In the eyes of outsiders, however, you push yourself too hard and worry too much. Your dictatorial and over-serious style may make others uncomfortable.

Born on the 2nd of a month

With a birth date of 2, you enjoy great popularity, have the softest heart and tend to be considerate and warm when get along with others. You care so much about what happens around that your mood can be affected by the experiences, difficulties and pains of other people, which may invisibly become the psychological burden to you. Born on the 2nd day, you are sentimental, often think too much about everything and get nervous about the slightest things. Therefore, you must learn how to shift your attention, see the sunny side of life, and prevent yourself from falling into a dark world because of imagination. With an excellent sense of rhythm, you people born on the 2nd day are more likely to be musicians.

Born on the 3rd of a month

The 3rd birth date means you are the most energetic and always hyper. You treat everything with great enthusiasm, which is just like a panacea that can cure everything and cheer everything up. With plenty of imagination, you can always entertain yourself no matter how mundane the surrounding is. This kind of instinctive enthusiasm can also harm you. The failure to control your emotions can make you devoted to everything, become extremely emotional and lack of rational judgment. Your greatest strength lies in your unique social skills, because you seldom complain about life and you can express feelings and opinions in time in an infectious manner. Since a variety of excitements are needed to maintain a hyper state in life, your potential can be inspired easily.

Born on the 4th of a month

Born on the 4th day, you are honest, conservative and disciplined, and rely heavily on the sense of security brought by self-discipline in life. It seems there are too many rules in your life and you would keep training your self-discipline in this way. Why do you do that? The answer is you want to be more trustworthy and authoritative and hope to decide everything around. As a result, you believe that only by being strict with yourself can you become persuasive. You can easily become a workaholic and have problems in interpersonal relationship due to the poor skill of expressing emotions through words. Fond of the sense of belonging brought by nature and family, you never ask for a gorgeous life; instead the more ordinary you are, the more real you feel. In addition, you have a talent for music and art, thus likely to be an artist.

Born on the 5th of a month

With number 5 as your birth day, you are keen on innovation and can accept any new things quickly. It can be said that you are mad about new things. You are so adaptable that you can quickly integrate into any new environment. You want to keep your life exciting and passionate, so you will immediately put your heart and soul into anything you love. You wish your life full of joys, and your joy often infects others. Because of this, you would enjoy great popularity and everyone is pleased to be with you. You are very smart, experienced, imaginative and eloquent and often deliver great speeches in the public. As a freedom lover, you would deny any constraints yet fit for marriage, because the stable and wonderful relationship can bring you a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Eager for social life and sunshine, you are very afraid of loneliness and unsuited to be alone for a long time.

Born on the 6th of a month

Born on the 6th day, you are very affectionate and believe a good interpersonal relationship is the most important thing in life. It's easy to arouse your positive emotions about things, such as identification, happiness and gratitude, and you have a soft spot for children. Most people will have a good first impression of you and feel you are approachable. However, your intense relationship with others will only last for six weeks after you meet. After that, your enthusiasm will drop sharply, making others feel you are fickle in your affection. Besides, your attitude can go extreme in interpersonal communication. If you love someone, you will show it clearly and even show partiality to him/her. But if you dislike someone, you will become very cold and even deliberately pick holes. With a strong sense of crisis about money, you are not a lavish spender at all. Gifted in performance and art, you are very suitable to show on the stage. But you are not expert at any machinery.

Born on the 7th of a month

If your birthday falls on the 7th day, then you are eager to explore and good at analyzing and judging through trivial matters. You would spend a lot of time gathering all kinds of information related to the truth yet do not fit for actual execution. Of sharp intuition and great sensitivity, you can often tell the trend of things by the sixth sense alone. Due to the instinctive discrimination, you are more likely to evade the crisis than others and everyone is amazed by your good luck. You tend to live alone, not because you are keen on it, but because you need time and space for independent thinking and meditation. You will make more efforts to keep the marriage. Even if you are married, you still need space to think independently for relaxation and balance of mind. Generally, you have a peaceful and casual outlook. In spite of the little desire for material life, you are desperate to improve your soul and inner quality.

Born on the 8th of a month

If your birthday falls on the 8th of any month, then you are generally very capable, creative, positive, and particularly astute in business judgment. For you, the trifles are meaningless and only the big issues can attract you. Therefore, you take special interest in challenges. Also, you are fitted for the post of decision-maker, keep a good image in front of people and appear to be quite professional. But remember not to compromise your judgment for the sake of fairness when handling affairs. You are used to puffing yourself up at your own cost, which can discredit you after a long time. With a special preference for books, you desire to publish books rather than reading. Besides, you may get quite rich and choose to give money to charity.

Born on the 9th of a month

With 9th as your birth day, you are open-minded. Compassion and humanity are your most precious traits. You are a person of generous conduct and like to share your experience with others. As a natural leader, you have a great sense of participation and responsibility for everything around, hoping to yield good results under your leadership. Also, you are extremely concerned about the changes in the environment, even interested in the movement of celestial bodies and the changes in nature. It's easy for you to succeed in art and give full scope to your talents in writing, imparting knowledge, consulting and church work. A broader vision and full-scale training can help you better position in your career planning. You are prone to dramatic plots in marriage but your persistence and dedication to love will not be affected.

Born on the 10th of a month

Born on the 10th day, you are of strong execution, confidence and wide interests, extending beyond many fields. Other people trust your decisions so much that they would take your opinion as a guiding light when they have problems in life or in work. When you are in trouble, however, few people come to you - not because they don't want to help you out but you make them believe you are capable of doing anything and never would need help. Inner loneliness will go with you for the whole life and many times you will feel you are isolated from the world. This sense of alienation is right your own choice.

Born on the 11st of a month

Born on the 11th day of a month, you are independent, feature strong execution and emphasize practice. Not only that, you are amazingly inventive, resourceful and intuitive yet accustomed to doubt, so you often can't believe your intuition and cover up your original talent with the excessive sense. You are very concerned about what others feel. It is not the surrounding environment or interpersonal relationship that affect you most but your endless imagination. With so many daydreams in your subconscious, you can often think and act in a dramatic way. Your ego and outlook often conflict with each other, under the influence of dual personality. Once you learn to accept your feelings, you will live with ease.

Born on the 12nd of a month

With 12 as your birth day, you will enjoy life to the full, have a great talent for design and art and find it pretty easy to engage in architecture, interior design and so on. Fastidious about the lifestyle, you always look at life from a unique perspective and with a special taste, making every aspect of your life rather romantic. As a high-standard idealist, you are very clear about your aims in life. You are social animal good at dealing with different types of people and enjoy great popularity among the opposite sex. Since you are alert, wise, skilled in expression and good at motivating others, you will have a bright future if engaged in marketing, advertising and so on.

Born on the 13th of a month

Born on the 13th day, you are full of mystery and unpredictable. While hoping to live a regular and stable life, you also look forward to a feeling of satisfaction brought by new ideas. Such a contradictory disposition of seeking both stability and change is rather difficult for others to accept in a short time. As you are not good at expressing feelings and tend to store up all the emotions, you will lose temper when the emotional burden is too heavy, making others feel you are eccentric and hard to deal with. A stable life will be the source of your peace and security. Clear about what to love or hate, you hold a distinct and independent outlook and lack the due tact in dealing with people. You are steadfast, level-headed and goal-oriented, thus very suitable to be an excellent manager who will stand out especially in geology, construction and environment related industries.

Born on the 14th of a month

Born on the 14th day of any month, you are versatile and adept at dealing with different people and roles, making people wonder if you have a split personality. Bursting with curiosity for the world, you can hardly settle down and need to rejuvenate yourself with constant changes. Your thoughts play a decisive role in guiding your actions. When you look forward to sunny and beautiful things, you will act in a healthy and positive way; but if you are mentally indulgent or decadent you will ruin your body step by step. With unique ideas and a certain prophecy by nature, you always judge things with your subconscious sixth sense and get the final judgment based on repeated deliberation, yet the whole process is completed in a subtle rather than deliberate way.

Born on the 15th of a month

Born on the 15th day of a month, you are meek, even-tempered and easy to get along with. You can always absorb a lot of energy and get a lot of luck in friendship, opportunity and wealth. With a lot of energy and vitality inside, you are particularly interested in health care and regimen and tend to be health minded. As a tolerant person, you know how to help others out and you would make a great sacrifice for friends, not to mention your family. You are so generous that almost everyone around has received something or help from you. At the same time, you are also ready to contribute to public charity. Of a unique perception in music, you can always give things a new look with music. Therefore, you will find it especially easy to succeed in music, which will play an important part in your life even if you are not engaged in a profession unrelated to music.

Born on the 16th of a month

Born on the 16th day, you belong to the most sensitive type and cannot be forced to do anything. Everything you do can be affected by the surrounding. On the one hand, you are eager for an unconventional lifestyle; on the other hand, you keep reminding yourself of various responsibilities and have inner conflicts and paradoxes. With a soft heart, you have a tough exterior. Despite the great warmth for your family, you are not good at expressing your inner feelings by nature. While hoping to be cared by others, you reject any step into your private space. Since you don't know how to ask for help and care from others, you are often misunderstood as being ice-like, even though passionate inside. You are gifted in literary, art and analysis. Sometimes your ideas are too casual to be connected with the real life. Only by turning your ideas into concrete and feasible solutions can you succeed in reality.

Born on the 17th of a month

A birth day of 17 indicates some extreme qualities, either too extravagant or too thrifty. With a great talent for rational logic and inner spirit, you may feel complacent inside but often keep a low key outside. The number 1 can make you stick to your ideas and concepts and few people can shake your position. You usually have original views at work and a real gift for leading the team to work well. The number 7 can make you attracted by spiritual things. You are inclined to discriminate between the true and the false, also keen to acquire new knowledge. You'll do well in history or in technology. Most of the things you accomplish in life will be land related.

Born on the 18th of a month

Born on the 18th day of any month, you will find life full of surprises and chances to travel or meet with different people and groups. You enjoy the feeling of being needed by others and hope to get valuable resources and experience by helping and caring for others, thus tend to be experienced in life. Under the influence of numbers 1 and 8, you are both independent and efficient and dislike accepting suggestions unilaterally. As long as you are determined, you can always achieve the final success. In general, you are emotional and intelligent and like to express your inner thoughts and feelings by constantly questioning, arguing and refuting. Such a gift can make you an outstanding critic, writer or speaker. Also, you will get good luck in making money. However, your marriage can be easily in trouble, requiring a lot of care to keep it going.

Born on the 19th of a month

Born on the 19th day, you are under the joint impact of number 1 and number 9 and therefore have a split personality, unyielding and rational. With a broader outlook, you are rather inclusive in character. You will not be influenced by the established order; instead you will challenge every possibility and exert your creativity to the extreme. In addition, you tend to be quite emotional and go extreme easily. In terms of community life, you don't really like to keep in touch with people from time to time, nor do you like to join in the fun. In fact, you value privacy very much. Because of this, you are the best among number 1s in keeping proper social connections.

Born on the 20th of a month

A birth day of 20 suggests you are most afraid of loneliness. You want to share everything with others, either in life or in work. Undertaking a task alone will bring you a lot of stress and put you on the defensive. Generally, you would keep a low key in an environment. Expressive as you are, you like to record and express your inner feelings with word yet find it hard to deliver a sentimental speech or negotiate with others. Of great compassion and sensitivity, you wish the surrounding can be always in harmony. You are open to any team work and good at organizing details. For example, you can deal with complex documents and legal provisions with great facility. Therefore you are more suited to the professional work.

Born on the 21st of a month

If your birthday falls on the 21st, then you can be the most reserved and sensitive and often get nervous. A lack of inner security leads to your strong desire to control the surroundings. You are used to keeping everything in order rather than sudden changes. A subtle perception results in your special preference for art and beautiful things. Bad at expressing your feelings and ideas, you tend to be the passive side either in a relationship or when dealing with people. Lacking in frankness can make you miss a lot of opportunities for going further with people. Perhaps your good expression is reflected in your writing and understanding of books. Your skill in writing and reading can be put to good use if you are engaged in writing, editing, publishing and other similar work.

Born on the 22nd of a month

Born on the 22nd, you are excitable due to the energy of double 2 and often suppress your inner strong emotions. With a keen intuition, you would judge everything with your first sense and tend to express in a logic way, so no one can perceive that you do things based on your senses. You are so devoted to work that people may feel you are eager for quick success and instant benefits. In fact, you just want to realize your great and unrealistic dreams. You care about what others think about you. When your ego conflicts with the outside world, you would become hesitant. The hesitation at the critical moment can make you miss many opportunities.

Born on the 23rd of a month

With a birthday of 23, you are jointly influenced by numbers 2 and 3. Of great social skills, you can mix with people yet maintain your privacy. If possible, you would never bother others, so people around will feel very easy to get along with you. You know how to have fun in all aspects, thus regarded as the best partner by many people. Also, you are very intelligent, witty, compassionate and sensitive; you can keep a clear judgment and never make a final decision out of emotions. Due to your great self-regulation in mind and body, you are more inclusive to any illness than others. And it is the same when it comes to mind. You can accept and digest the painful memories better than others. You are very logical and therefore you can exert your abilities to the extreme in any regular things, such as law, medicine and stock. In spite of a great gift for art, you may find it hard to accomplish a great deal in art because the excessive pursuit of logic would limit you from giving full scope to your art talent.

Born on the 24th of a month

Born on the 24th, you may look lazy but in reality you are not. You are filled with love and energy, forcing you to keep giving and devoting with a very positive attitude. With such an attitude, you like to take part in activities in daily life, make life better for you and others, and show great initiative at work. You fully understand that work is to give you self-confidence and self-esteem while affection is usually acquired through family and kinship. You are highly dependent on your family. A warm and stable family will bring you endless positive energy. You are especially easy to connect with art and performance. Though you often focus on one thing at a certain time, your success mainly comes from constant changes. So it is very important to for you to give full play to your advantages and expand your influence in good time.

Born on the 25th of a month

With the 25th day of any month as your birth day, you have a super intuition and prediction, and put a high value on nature, mind and metaphysics, all of which come from your long-term observation. You believe in fate and are always attracted by supernatural and mysterious things. You always hide your feelings so that no one can understand you. For this reason, those who like you will doubt that all their efforts will be wasted, get tired or lose faith in you over time. How to be demonstrative in time will be a major subject in your life. Your strongest card lies in your ability of showing your talent in practical and commercial things. In addition, you can also show your strengths and achieve remarkable success in communication and dispute. However, you will have the mentality of "going with the flow" in number 7, and need to avoid emotional distraction through continuous movement of mind and body.

Born on the 26th of a month

A birthday on the 26th day of any month suggests you are warm, gentle and willing to take care of those around you, so they often get a lot of help from you. As a domestic person, you are gifted at creating a home environment and tend to spoil your children, thus very suitable for marriage and family. Despite the great tolerance and care for others, you are rather strict with yourself. You may set many goals for yourself at the same time, wish you can handle many things simultaneously, and hold an extreme attitude towards the results, either vigorous or defeated. Also, you like to indulge in the past and are particularly interested in ancient and historical things. Under the dual impact of the most aesthetic numbers 2 and 6, you have a great taste for music, and you can turn all artistic ideas into business opportunities. In addition, you can easily handle complex interpersonal relationships due to the diplomatic skills endowed by number 2.

Born on the 27th of a month

Born on the 27th day, you value material conditions most and are willing to spend more time on making money. It's hard to find that you are aggressive on the surface. Seemingly quiet and silent, you actually stick to your position desperately. But this doesn't mean you are a decisive person, in fact you are always inconstant and irresolute. Born to be a leader, you can hardly condescend to the deputy post. In a team, you will command others in a unique way and enjoy it. With special and unique ideas, you tend to approve the controversial denominations and find the formal and traditional rules rather dull. You are versatile and artistic, and have a great talent for literature, thus very suitable to be a journalist, writer, performer or teacher. But your marriage can be unstable.

Born on the 28th of a month

Born on the 28th day, you are diplomatic and tactful in interpersonal relationship due to the influence of numbers 2 and 8 but would never back off when supposed to insist on. When dealing with people, you are usually good-natured yet stubborn at the critical moment, creating a discrepancy difficult for others to accept. In spite of the great execution, you are too idealistic to face up to reality when it is inconsistent with what you have dreamed of and get hurt from it. So act immediately as long as you have an idea. Once you balance between dream and reality, you are more likely to succeed.

Born on the 29th of a month

Born on the 29th of a month, you are the most detached and seem to have had a way to integrate different things together. You can find the commonality connecting different social relations, cultures or interests. If you fail to control them properly, you will feel confused, lose your direction and fall into a muddle. Therefore, only a strong willpower can help you hold on in panic and find the right goal. The complex thoughts and emotions often make it difficult for you to care about how people around feel. As a result, stability is the most important thing for you. How to maintain a peaceful and moderate outlook and find the balance in your life will be the lifelong task for you.

Born on the 30th of a month

With the 30th day as your birth day, you have the healthiest and most positive mental attitude, and a sound health is the most prized possession of you. You value friendship very much and always treat others with loyalty, thus the most dependent role in the circle of friends. With great intuitions and a fertile imagination, you are good at refining experience from all aspects of life to guide your life and usually put too much enthusiasm into everything around, so external things can impose a strong impact on your mood. When you are in a loss, you may mitigate the inner depression in a mystical way like fortune telling. Since you are benevolent and caring, you can be a good observer, educator or social worker. Your great enthusiasm can make strangers resist, but they will understand you are just simple and kind by nature after a long time.

Born on the 31st of a month

Born on the 31st of a month, you play by different rules and tend to improve your stability and endurance thru the constant accumulation of experience. Following your heart, you are fickle in words and deeds because of the overly complex emotions, making it difficult for others to understand what you want to express. Such a random, uncontrollable and unique way of thinking allows you to create interesting new things by accident. You can easily get a place in chemistry, medicine, interior design, writing and other creative industries. Despite the great business talents, you can hardly get a surplus because of no macro control over money and reckless spending. Therefore, building a family will benefit you a lot. In addition, you have a good memory and would memorize all things, whether good, sad or illusory. You are interested in mystical subjects such as spirituality, theology and religion yet not suitable to work on it, because you will fall madly in it.

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