12 Zodiac Sign Symbols with Meanings

Zodiac sign symbols refer to various symbols used in astrology, which have certain meanings.


Aries symbol represents the new beginning.

Symbol energy: control. Aries is highly motivated yet sometimes impulsive and unaware of others' feeling.

The symbol of Aries is the face and horns of ram. Some astrologers believe that it is a combination of two spirals, one for the past and one for the future while the middle line is between the old and the new, thus Aries also represents the word "new". Astrologically, Aries starts from the first day of spring (northern hemisphere) and symbolizes a new beginning.


Taurus symbol represents power.

Symbol energy: possess. Taurus people are down-to-earth, but sometimes suffer losses due to stubbornness.

The symbol of Taurus is the face and horns of bull. The circle in the symbol represents the sun. As the name implies, Taurus represents ''money'' in the zodiac signs and it governs various facilities and activities that provide output to meet people's material needs. In ancient times, farmers would do ploughing work with bull before sowing seeds, so it is also a symbol of income and reward.


Gemini symbol represents wisdom.

Symbol energy: master. Gemini people often do two things at once and have wide interests but sometimes lack of deep understanding.

The symbol of Gemini looks like two parallel lines sealed by two short horizontal lines at both ends, just like ''?''. It represents the inseparable twin stars CASTO and PULLUX. Usually, Gemini is regarded as a symbol of both sides, such as right and wrong, give and take, teach and learn. Gemini, in charge of ''education'' among the zodiac signs, not only means knowledge, but also includes postal service, school and all kinds of communication channels established by the country for its people.


Cancer symbol represents strength.

Symbol energy: passion. Cancer people look cold outside yet are full of kindness and warmth inside, which shall be released appropriately.

The symbol of Cancer is just like a cute crab running with its hard shell. Some astrologers claim that, the Cancer symbol is two crabs in confrontation, balancing the starting point of solstice. On the first day of the summer, the sun moves to Cancer and the summer solstice begins. In the zodiac signs, Cancer governs things related to premises, such as real estate, bank and housing loan.


Leo symbol represents power.

Symbol energy: sober. Leo people are excellent and charming in many ways yet often get vain and proud, so they need to be sober.

The symbol of Leo is a lion's tail, which is the easiest to recognize in the 12 signs. Leo governs sports, leisure and other entertainment matters. Since lion is the king of all beasts, Leo represents human beings' ability to express themselves and to explore the potential, so Leo people often show a kind of generous and noble temperament.


Virgo symbol represents health.

Symbol energy: analysis. Virgos are always looking for perfection and show no tolerance to any flaws. They need to be analytical.

Perhaps the symbol of Virgo is the most difficult in the 12 zodiac signs. It is quite similar with the Scorpio sign, but contains a reversed ''v''. Astrologers believe that the symbol of Virgo is just like a virgin holding a string of grain, and each grain symbolizes the fruit of wisdom harvested from the field of experience. Virgo represents health and governs pharmacy, statistics and labor.


Libra symbol represents balance.

Symbol energy: weigh. Fairness is the strength of Libra, but people have different criteria on fairness.

The symbol of Libra is pretty simple – a balanced scale which requires the balance on both sides. Libra represents fairness and justice in the 12 zodiac signs and it governs state laws and diplomacy issues. Therefore, Libra is a sign demanding the absolute balance. Justice is a must in balance. Also, people of Libra sign are modest and courteous.


Scorpio symbol represents mystery.

Symbol energy: think. Scorpio people are proud and indifferent, thus of strong thinking ability.

The symbol of Scorpio looks like the stinger of a scorpion. In the eyes of many western astrologers, however, the Scorpio sign is in fact a snake which was regarded as a symbol of "wisdom" and "evil" in ancient times. It is well-known that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden because they were seduced by the serpent to eat the fruit of wisdom. Scorpio represents reason and human desire as well as the wonderful rebirth, so people of Scorpio sign are lonely and mysterious and the sign is extremely controversial.


Sagittarius symbol represents frankness.

Symbol energy: instinct. Sagittarius people are pretty insightful and intuitive but sometimes cold.

The symbol of Sagittarius is just like an arrow in the simple pictographic form. It can be seen from the myth of Sagittarius that they are wise and love freedom. The prototype of Sagittarius is the centaur with an arrow: the lower part of the centaur means the pursuit of absolute freedom; the upper part symbolizes knowledge and wisdom while the arrow shows the aggressive and hurtful side of Sagittarius people.


Capricorn symbol represents tenacity.

Symbol energy: relax. Capricorns always desire to reach the peak yet can be over nervous, so they are suggested to relax and calm down for better results.

The symbol of Capricorn is just like an ancient hieroglyphic character that indicates the features of a goat. Despite the scrawny body, Capricorn is strong-willed to climb the cliff and represents the down-to-earth personality. The symbol includes the head and beard of a goat. In fact, the Capricorn symbol is goat which is tough and hard-working.


Aquarius symbol represents complexity.

Symbol energy: persist. The gifted Aquarius people are more outstanding than others but mostly success comes from the bit by bit efforts.

The Aquarius sign represents water and air ripples, both concrete and abstract. The myth of Aquarius show that people of this sign love freedom and individualism. Considered from the perspective of ripple characteristics, Aquarius is an unpredictable sign which seems regular but has no concrete image and it is the most unpredictable one of the 12 zodiac signs. Aquarius people can be moody and somewhat neurotic. The sign represents calmness and charity.


Pisces symbol represents tenderness.

Symbol energy: confidence. Pisces is hesitant and keeps wandering between ideal and reality and in love relationship. They need to learn how to make a choice and perhaps there is no absolute right and wrong.

The symbol of Pisces is two crescent-shaped arcs connected by a line in the middle, just like two fish tied together yet swimming in opposite directions; the two fish could not be separated no matter how hard they try but become very exhausted and contradictory. This clearly shows the dual personality of Pisces people.
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