Ophiuchus Love Compatibility

Ophiuchus & Aries: 80%

Ophiuchus, with a complicated and contradictory character, is easily attracted by the simple and straightforward Aries, and touched by the ardour of the latter. However, Aries can't adapt quickly to the changeful Ophiuchus. Therefore, Ophiuchus and Aries are not perfect partners. It's worth mentioning that, Aries men would be fatally attractive to female Ophiuchi at the very beginning yet get bored after being familiar with each other; yet Ophiuchus men can perfectly control Aries women.

Ophiuchus & Taurus: 70%

In order not to confuse those around, Ophiuchus people are used to showing the cheerful side. Ophiuchus happens to coincide with Taurus on this point, as the latter is also used to keeping the negative emotions inside. Born with a contradictory character, people of Ophiuchus sign hover between sense and sensibility; in this aspect, the rational Taurus can help them analyze. Most of the time, however, Ophiuchus just cannot understand the rigid Taurus, just as the stubborn Taurus can't understand the changeful Ophiuchus. Hence, Ophiuchus and Taurus is not a perfect match.

Ophiuchus & Gemini: 85%

Gemini is a fickle sign while Ophiuchus an ambivalent sign, so the constant pursuit of changes is what they have in common. The relationship between Ophiuchi and Gemini is very subtle. If they cooperate well, they can share and understand each other's joy and sorrow, and become a happy couple living together until old age. But if both of them fail to achieve self-control or tolerate each other, they will conflict and quarrel with each other frequently and become a couple at arm's length.

Ophiuchus & Cancer: 90%

Ophiuchus always changes between indifference and love while Cancer attaches great importance to family and yearns for a stable life. No one believes they are compatible with each other at first. In fact, both Ophiuchus and Cancer are good listeners, so they can listen to each other, give advice and help each other out. Cancers tend to fill their heads with nonsense and sometimes go extreme while Ophiuchus people are rather fickle. Cancer people seem meek yet persistent and stubborn inside, wanting to control everything and making the Ophiuchus feel fettered. The strong personality of Ophiuchus in turn can make Cancer lack of security. Because of this, Ophiuchus and Cancer may feel some obstacles between them.

Ophiuchus & Leo: 90%

Both Ophiuchus and Leo have a zest for love and look forward to life, thus supposed to be a good match. But the chauvinistic Leo wishes to take everything of his/her lover under control while Ophiuchus, with a complex personality, not only pursues freedom like Sagittarius, but also has an evil side like Scorpio. Therefore, it is hard for the Leo to see through an Ophiuchus, let alone to control. Despite the high compatibility, the match will be beset with numerous contradictions.

Ophiuchus & Virgo: 80%

Ophiuchus can know how Virgo feels, cooperate with the latter to do things well, and give advice in due course while Virgo is a good listener. The two are good in teamwork. However, Ophiuchus keeps pursuing individuality in new things and hates to be bound while Virgo is a stickler for perfection, hopes to know more about the former and watches every action of Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus & Libra: 90%

Both Ophiuchi and Libran can easily read the minds of others, so they can always understand each other to a certain extent. The elegant, moderate, tactful, polite and outgoing Libra people can work with Ophiuchi to pursue novelty. To err is human and Ophiuchi is no exception. Libran happens to be easily upset by trifles, which gives Ophiuchi a hard time. No one knows if Ophiuchi can tolerate Libran on this point!

Ophiuchus & Scorpio: 85%

A star at the foot of Ophiuchus belongs to the tail of Scorpio, so Ophiuchus is similar with Scorpio in many traits and the two are highly compatible. People of Ophiuchus sign have two faces while Scorpios prefer to keep a low profile in everything. Once dominated by the cheerful side, Ophiuchus can be a good match for Scorpio. Otherwise, the two of few words may find no way to ventilate the negative emotions, which can easily produce tragedy.

Ophiuchus & Sagittarius: 98%

Since Ophiuchus borders on Sagittarius on the ecliptic, it has some characteristics of Sagittarius and Ophiuchus people are lively, cheerful, willful, and self-centered. Ophiuchus can get along well with the quick-witted and eloquent Sagittarius no matter in which aspect. The match of Ophiuchus and Sagittarius is just like a runaway wild horse, which is active, bright and powerful. If both of them find each other the right one, they can definitely hold it to the end.

Ophiuchus & Capricorn: 50%

Capricorns are known for their diligence. Their steady and down-to-earth traits are reassuring but their silence can be a headache for others. For Ophiuchus with both Scorpio and Sagittarius traits, Capricorn is quite dull or even boring. Sometimes the good mood of Ophiuchus can be ruined by the dull Capricorn. That's why Ophiuchus people tend to stay away from Capricorns.

Ophiuchus & Aquarius: 98%

The unconventional Aquarians are fond of new things and ideas and they can easily find something common with Ophiuchus people who are also full of innovative ideas. Meanwhile, both Ophiuchus and Aquarius are very intelligent; they know how to choose, when to give up and would never insist desperately. With so many things in common, they can talk in a relaxed way and get to know each other quickly. Therefore, this is a pleasant and comfortable match.

Ophiuchus & Pisces: 80%

Both Ophiuchus and Pisces are obsessed with love. Most of the time, they are compatible: the knowledgeable Ophiuchus can satisfy the curiosity of Pisces while the kind and changeful Pisces makes the Ophiuchus feel like-minded. However, no one can tell when the sensitive and suspicious Pisces will be in a bad mood, and Ophiuchus cannot make it out at all. Therefore, efforts are needed for Ophiuchi to get along with Pisces for a long time!
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