Is there really a 13th zodiac sign?

Many people hold a wait-and-see or skeptical attitude toward the legendary 13th zodiac sign: is there really an Ophiuchus zodiac? What is the evidence of its existence?

It is generally known that, the signs we belong to are located on the path of the Sun in the sky - the ecliptic, which consists of 12 constellations collectively called the Zodiac.
In fact, there are eighty-eight constellations in the sky. Ophiuchus is another constellation on the ecliptic in addition to the twelve familiar ones. Unlike the other twelve constellations which are almost entirely contained in the ecliptic, Ophiuchus crosses only a small part of the ecliptic. That is why it is often ignored in previous astrology.

Due to the wobble of the earth's axis over a cycle of 26,000 years as well as the movement of the solar system and stars, the position of the ecliptic in the sky also changes. Every two thousand years or so, the time of the Sun reaches a certain constellation would delay about one month.

That is, the ecliptic now passes not only twelve constellations, but also the thirteenth constellation, Ophiuchus. So Ophiuchus is one of 13 zodiac signs!

According to scientific records, a British astronomer observed the astrological changes and discovered certain time error every year, which would be more and more significant over times. Because of this, a new constellation - Ophiuchus was born!

Ophiuchus does exist in astronomy: it is one of the equatorial constellations. Looking from the Earth, you will find this constellation south of the Hercules, north of the Scorpio and Sagittarius, and west of the Milky Way. As the only constellation connecting with another constellation - Serpens, Ophiuchus crosses celestial equator, galactic equator and ecliptic. It is a large and wide constellation in the shape of rectangle diagonally crossed by the celestial equator. Despite the short span over the Milky Way, Ophiuchus is not far from the Galactic Center located within the Sagittarius.

Although the ecliptic crosses through Ophiuchus, this constellation does not belong to the zodiacal constellations. Each year, the Sun travels through Ophiuchus from November 29 to December 17 until it enters Sagittarius. Scorpio has no solar term but Ophiuchus does have a solar term Great Snow.

Besides, Ophiuchus is actually not a new discovery. The earliest record of Ophiuchus can be traced back to A.D. 270 in poetry! Then why hasn't Ophiuchus been listed in the constellations?

It is said that in ancient times, people believed that those under the Ophiuchus sign would bring bad luck and this crossed the bottom line of the Vatican. Therefore, the bad constellation was dropped by the Vatican.
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