Top 3 Habits of Scorpio in Love

No Cold War

Scorpios may seem like those who get angry easily, but they have a good habit in love - no matter what they would never start a cold war in the relationship. In the eyes of Scorpio people, many conflicts are just about different understandings caused by different standpoints or perspectives. And at this time, the proper communication is needed; otherwise, the misunderstanding will deepen. Therefore, they would explain things clearly and think that a fight is better than a cold war.

Video Chat Everyday

If Scorpios are not living with their lover, they would keep video chat everyday. They may also make phone calls, but think it is cold as they can only hear the voice other than see the real person. By video chat, they see the real person and know what their lover is doing, which lessens suspicion in love and improves the relationship.

Hug Frequently

Another habit of Scorpio people in love is hug everyday. Although there is nothing to celebrate and every day's affection is routine, Scorpios would find a reason to hug each other everyday or just hug for no reason. According to them, body language is the best way to bring two people close together and hug can immediately drive away the upset things no matter how serious the problem is. Hug Frequently
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