The Mythology of Pisces

Legend I
Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, and her beloved son Cupid dressed up to attend a lavish banquet held for gods.
All the goddesses dressed up and were unwilling to be inferior to others while the gods took wine glasses and harangued in groups. The naughty children could not hold back any longer and they played hide-and-seek.
When the banquet was in full swing and everybody was enjoying delicious food and aromatic wine, an intruder suddenly came and destroyed the atmosphere. The uninvited had the ferocious appearance and evil heart and he appeared to destroy the banquet; apparently, he already achieved the goal. He stretched out his hands, turned over the tables, threw the potted plants into the sink and frightened every participant with his terrible expression. Everyone ran around and the nice banquet was in panic. Screams and children's cries could be heard without end.
At this moment, Venus could not find Cupid and she looked for him everywhere regardless the presence of the intruder. Venus searched every corner of the banquet and finally found the shaking Cupid under the piano, and she tightly embraced Cupid in her arms.
To prevent Cupid from losing again, Venus came out with an idea and she tied their feet together with a string and transformed into two fishes, so as to successfully escape from this terrible banquet.
Legend II
Once, Venus and Jupiter were chased by the giant Typhon, so they jumped into the Euphrates together and transformed into fishes to escape. Athena changed the fishes into the constellation to commemorate the event.
Legend III
One day, the weather was fine and the gods held a banquet at the riverside. The music-loving gods sang and played instruments happily and the atmosphere was rather cheerful. Suddenly, they heard a sharp cry and Typhon, a monster with one hundred heads and huge sings, appeared. The gods transformed into animals and fled away: Zeus into a bird, Apollo into a crow, Hera into an ox, Dionysus into a goat. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, and her son Eros, the God of Love, transformed into fishes and jumped into Euphrates. They tied their tails with a string, so they would never separate with each other and escaped successfully. They went up to heaven in such a posture, thus the Pisces.
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