Pisces Man

The sentimental and gentle Pisces men are the typical romantics full of romantic and aesthetic colors. They look forward to the beautiful love in fairy tales. When it comes to life, they believe that content is happiness and even muddle along. Seemingly weak and unable to withstand a single blow, they burst out the indomitable spirit incredibly in the face of difficulties and dangers. When they have to make a choice, however, they may become helpless.

At work, male Pisceans can seize the opportune moment and ace in the hole, thus enjoy high position in the industry engaged in. In love relationship, they are tender, considerate and imaginative and bring their girlfriends unprecedented sweetness and joy. Their love is just like a cozy bed no one wants to get out. Once you start a relationship with a Pisces man, you will feel as if in a romance novel and have no mood to do anything but stay together every day! After getting married, they can be good husband and father.

Tender and Considerate

Many men are aggressive and chauvinistic in life, never give girls a chance to talk, and make every decision willfully. But this is not for Pisces boys who are tender, considerate and thoughtful for their girlfriends and give the latter the right to choose or take action. It is quite comfortable and relaxing to be with them since they never make pressure.

Outgoing and Artistic

Men under Pisces sign are very cheerful and they are the born artists. With an optimistic attitude towards life, they can easily get rid of the occasional bad mood. In addition to the artistic traits, they are warm, caring and skilled in drawing a picture of future life, and know how to create.

Wise and Indifferent to Fame or Gain

Being indifferent to fame or gain, Pisces men disdain to do compete and they are wise enough to grasp the direction of life with telepathy and keen intuition. Moreover, they have the incredible ability of making friends and they do have a lot of good friends in daily life.

Overly Dreamy

With a wild imagination, male Pisceans sometimes can't tell a dream from the real world and they find it hard to melt into the real life due to the incurable sentimentality. They are dreamy, spiritual, highly sentimental, impractical and skilled in understanding and expressing abstract ideas but can hardly lead a free social life.

Timid and Dependent

Due to the kind and tolerant traits, men of Pisces sign sometimes play the role of yes-man in daily life and they have no idea about how to say no, even give up their own principles to cater to others. And this leads to their irresolution, escapism, shrink and dependence under pressure.

Impractical and Wasteful

Usually, Pisces men would show compassion to their friends in trouble and offer help generously and unhesitatingly, with no consideration about their ability or life. Without a clear planning for the future, they tend to get into trouble by helping others.
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