Pisces Woman

As tender and soft as water, Pisces girls are romantic and imaginative, showing a special charm attractive to many men. Most of them are innocent and cute. Because of this, they are often the little princess among men. Despite the passion and positive attitude towards life, they are less resourceful in emergency, need the protection of men and get used to rely on others.

Pisces women like to split hairs. Once they fall in love with someone, they would take their boyfriends as life, show the weak side and become heart-broken for an insignificant word. At the same time, they can be able women at work and would make a difference with their own efforts.

Tender and Charming

Once the Pisces women fall in love with someone, they would become as tender and soft as water. If they are not like this, it means they have not found the right one. Their charm is natural and from toes to hairs, as cute as a young girl. The charming Pisces women are just like a secluded orchid in a deserted valley and no one can resist to their temperament and beauty; no matter where they go, they are loved by everyone.


The considerate women of Pisces sign seriously take the advice and opinion of people around and they are the best friends to pour out. They would listen quietly and never show any impatience, and even take the initiative to comfort. Therefore, it will be a kind of healing to stay with Pisces women.


In daily life, Pisces women are good-hearted and take pity on poor animals, which is a trait of weak female. They love every cute thing and take care of people around. It is warm to have such a friend. Also, they like to praise their friends and seldom criticize, thus enjoy the great popularity among people, especially men.


In spite of so many merits they boast, Pisces women still think they are not good enough, such as not strong, motivated or competent enough. The more they think, the more they worry about. Hence, they are in great need of encouragement and comfort. Even a loud word or impatient expression from their boyfriends would make them heart-broken, not to mention being betrayed or discarded which would be a fatal blow for them. With a fragile heart, women of Pisces sign need their lover's care.


The romantic and dreamy Pisces girls like to daydream, have an illusion on heroes in idol dramas and look forward to the romance in fairy tales, thus somewhat unrealistic, irrational and sentimental. Ideal is plump but reality is bony. Yearning for a beautiful future, they are dissatisfied about the reality, usually put it wrong and seem conflicted inside.


Many of them tend to self-exile, mainly for the reason of an irresistible emotion, especially sadness which they cannot rid themselves of. When sadness is combined with their imagination, they finally turn into a tragic character abandoned by the world. A lot of women under Pisces sign would become alcohol or drug addict and even commit suicide frequently after being frustrated in family or love relationship.
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