Scorpio Man

Seemingly devious, Scorpio men are known for their mysterious quality and they are highly energetic, passionate, jealous and possessive. With keen discernment and cool judgment, they can observe in an objective manner, have a spirit of fair competition, treat the dishonest people coldly and are skillful in making plans to yield good results. Though a little timid in daily life, they would fight the enemy regardless of their lives and move forward without hesitation once something happens.

In fact, the male Scorpios are capable not only in love relationship, but also in study or work - they have their own unique views and are skilled in the complex planning. For them, a relationship is based on desire. The more a woman satisfies a Scorpio man physically, the more she satisfies him emotionally. Despite the love for their family, they prefer to stay with their lovers rather than stay at home.

Passionate and Mysterious

Male Scorpios are the most passionate in the 12 signs and their passion is not limited to romance and sex, also including work and hobby. Of silent nature and brooding eyes, they are mysterious and attractive to women.

Highly Persevering

Male Scorpions are most known for their indomitable trait of being unwilling to take no for an answer. Highly persevering, they can withstand any tough test and stick to their dreams to the end. Perhaps other men would give up when they see no hope to win the favor of a woman but men under Scorpio are unyielding and would make more efforts to pursue.

Faithful to Promise

A good man is supposed to do what he says and keep his promise, whether big or small. Male Scorpios are such good men faithful to their promises. They would not make a promise randomly but once they do, they would mean it. At the same time, they are loyal to friends and take keeping promises as the basic living and moral principle.

Extremely Petty

The serious men of Scorpio sign are quite possessive in love relationship and demanding for their girlfriends. If you have a Scorpio boyfriend and he asks you to do something, you must finish on time. Otherwise, he would think you are infidel and turn cold to you. If you do not mind and just let it be, he would put you aside when you have a problem and need him to provide timely help. Then, you will feel it is incredible and wonder how he can behave like this, even a friend will be more broad-minded than him!

Cold and Sensitive

Sometimes, Scorpio men can be so ruthless and cold that they scare people away. They are sensitive and intolerant to such insult as being stepped on the bottom line. Also, they do not like to make jokes and lack the sense of humor. With no control to their temper, they can be gentle when in good mood and suddenly explode with rage. Once they are cheated or betrayed, they would hold the grudge and never forgive! When associated with revenge, Scorpio men often show the darkest side and even revenge those they hate by dark means.
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