Scorpio Woman

Female Scorpios are commonly of complex personality and can be cold and proud in the eyes of those unfamiliar with them. In fact, they are warm inside and dare to love and hate. The brave and firm Scorpio women are capable in work, would not reveal their feelings but live an independent life. They are not used to depending on others and would bear all pains and hardships alone. Therefore, one can feel assured to assign them a task since Scorpio women are very responsible.

Generally, women under Scorpio sign would better to be destroyed than to give up their principles. They can be as soft as water or as hot as fire and they lead a colorful life full of changes and challenges. Inherently possessive and jealous, they would generate a strong desire for revenge once they are fooled in love and give those who have fooled them a taste one day.

Pretty and Sexy

Female Scorpios are usually charming, sexy and graceful, thus pursued by a lot of men. However, they seldom care about those wooers because they are clear about their Mr. Right. Of good living habits and proper behaviors, they are quite attractive to men due to the inherent traits.

Loyal to Love

Women of Scorpio sign are loyal to others and themselves, showing no disloyalty. Basically, they would not fall in love readily but once they do, they will be devoted and faithful to their men with no infidelity. They can hardly accept any betrayal and would never forgive if they are betrayed. This is why female Scorpions are best known for their loyalty.


Scorpio women love their families. They take career seriously and care about their family. If they have no choice, they would give up work for family. Also, they are quite independent and always can manage a family and do the housework excellently, thus good housewives if necessary.


Though calm and dignified, Scorpio girls can go extreme when dealing with matters and they often take the approach of ''it is better to destroy than to give up principles ''. Such an extreme thinking occupies the whole mind of Scorpio girls. However, sometimes it is unnecessary to get a correct answer. Life will be better if they can turn a blind eye occasionally since still waters run deep.


Despite the excellent ability of telling right from wrong, Scorpio girls are a little stubborn and hair-splitting. Sometimes, it's smart to listen to others but they would think about a matter from the same point for many days and ponder more than others yet get less satisfactory results. Because of this, they are regarded as hair-splitting.

Afraid of Loneliness

Scorpio women, seemingly honest, are actually very emotional inside and sensitive in love relationship. For example, they may think about what a single eye contact or behavior of their men means for many days, because they worry that their boyfriends would leave them alone to suffer from loneliness. Hence, being afraid of loneliness is another flaw of Scorpio women.
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