Virgo Man

The earnest and responsible Virgo men tend to protect themselves with constant self-control or self-criticism. For them, the motto is to do the job meticulously and this is also the greatest wish which they are proud of. Being in a rut is ideal for male Virgos who always follow the customs no matter that they do. In marriage life, they can arrange the family in a pretty organized way and plan everything in advance rather than make effort at the last moment.

They like to do everything in an orderly way and dislike making fresh progress or developing new markets. Compared with giving the rein to their talents individually, they prefer to assist experts, professors or leaders. Because of this, what they get usually mismatches with what they pay.


In comparison with the smart Gemini and creative Aquarius, men under the Virgo sign are wiser and they rank top in the 12 zodiac signs when it comes to insight and logical thinking! They are delicate, rational, prudent, well-organized and ambitious, and they can scale new heights thru the great efforts. Though they are not scheming, they can see through any such behavior and protect themselves from any losses.


Virgo men are very strict with themselves, which mighty be a part of their mental mysophobia. In pursuit of perfection, they are scrupulous about every detail, timid and overcautious about everything and always hold a down-to-earth and serious attitude. Being cool-headed at any time, they can make the correct judgment immediately. No matter in study or work, they are able to undertake the task alone, thus the model of successful men. With fidelity to love, they will hold on once start a relationship. Maybe they are not perfect but they always work hard to be like that.


Everyone knows that male Virgos are the most nitpicking and would look for a flaw which doesn't exist. Someone says this is a kind of mysophobia. In fact, this is because they are neat and disallow anyone to disrupt the "perfect" pattern they've laid out in their territory. Once their mental mysophobia is touched, they would get hysterical. It is the extreme pursuit of perfectionism that makes them look petty and unforgiving and leads to the doomed busy life.


Though seemingly capable and experienced, men under the Virgo sign lack of confidence very much. In the final analysis it is the inner disapproval to self - they feel that they are not good enough and have many shortcomings. At the same time, they are highly proud and would not admit defeat even if badly beaten, believing that they can take charge of everything independently. When romantically involved, they are quite possessive and dominating, hope their girlfriends can follow their plans and patterns and ignore how the latter feel. But this is fair enough: they lack the sense of security and find it hard to trust anyone, not to mention placing all the expectations on others. Because of the inherent pessimism, Virgo men are confused and positive in love relationship.
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