Virgo Personality

Virgo Personality Traits

Since Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, the Virgo people are always in pursuit of perfection and they are fastidious and nervous. Virgoans are very intellectual and meticulous; they have strong critical spirit (as they always want things go consistent with their subjective standards) and hate hypocrisy and improper things very much. Due to their special comment ability, they like to analyze and criticize things bit by bit and they emphasize on integrity rather than giving up halfway; they have detailed plan on everything and will implement the plan step by step to take the overall situation under control. Virgoans are devoted to anything they do; they are studious and curious, and have strong thirst for knowledge. They are very strict with themselves and will never compromise or concede, thus excellent subordinates and workaholics. No matter at what age, they can always keep an innocent heart and they are full of memories of the past and dreams about the future.
Generally, the Virgoans are modest and helpful and they like the busy life rather than the idle life; serving the others is their life goal.
They are quiet and silent, and always escape from the external conflicts as they are innately introverted, shy and lonely; they will become bold if they are absolutely sure about something.

Sometimes, the Virgoans have poor organizing ability due to the lack of confidence and they need to be encouraged and driven by their family and friends. The innate anxious character makes them always pessimistic!

Usually, Virgo people are very practical, complementing their character of loving fantasy. They are thoughtful, careful, cautious, very rational, and even cool and they like everything in order.
Clever and capable
Like things in order and in clean state
Rational and modest
Can distinguish right from wrong
In pursuit of perfection and hard-working
Clear-minded and strong analysis ability
Precise and hard to please
Narcissistic and nagging