Ideal Jobs for Capricorns

Capricorns are the most patient and compassionate among all the two zodiac signs. They are very careful and cautious in doing things, and they are very stubborn. They are quite strong-headed and persistent, and nothing can change their minds when they have already made the decisions. What kind of career is the most suitable for Capricorns?YourZodiacSign.Com

A career with steady progress towards success and hierarchical nature

Capricorns are that kind of persons who seek stability. They are earth signs and their ruling planet is the Saturn. As such, Capricorns are quite pragmatic. Capricorns often regard life as a mountain-climbing game, and all they want is to ascend to the top of the mountain, because it is the safest spot there. They have always pursued success and progress, which represents their deep need for security. In their opinions, those people without power and status have no safety at all. Capricorns hope that there are clear ladders in their careers. Therefore, they are easy to be attracted by careers/jobs with apparent hierarchy, such civil servants in governmental bodies, large enterprises and institutions, and the military.

Politics & legal professions

Capricorns are the most suitable for politics. They are introverted, cold and collected, tight-lipped, and able to hide their ambitions. Such comprehensive qualities and traits are very helpful for Capricorns to become an excellent official in the political circle. Besides, Capricorns value tradition and morality, and have a strong sense of justice and judgement of right and wrong. Therefore, Capricorns can become good subordinates who strictly enforce the orders of their superiors, and they can also engage in legal professions related to the judgement of fairness and justice. In addition to the political and legal circles, Capricorns are also fit for the job positions in the large and medium-sized enterprises, especially industrial enterprises and public utilities, because these industries and professions that highlight discipline are in compliance with Capricorn's values.

Internal promotion

Capricorns are good at accumulating strength and have strong power of execution, but their creativity is not strong; although they also have great ambitions, most Capricorns' ambitions are only limited to climbing up the established stairs within the organization they work with, and finally ascending to the top. Starting up businesses independently from scratch is not fit for most Capricorns because Capricorns don’t like the feel of having nothing and creating everything on their own.
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