Best Jobs for Taurus

Taurus love beauty by nature. They are fond of dressing up and slow in action, thus find it hard to keep up with the pace and changes of society. Some Taureans find it difficult to get a job because they just cannot find the most suitable career. Following are the top ideal professions for Taurus.YourZodiacSign.Com

Interior/Landscape Design

Taureans love beauty and good things, so they can start with a career related to aesthetics and choose to major in horticulture and gardening in college. It is better for Taurus people to study in flowers and plants, such as design, architectural design, graphic design and fashion design which allow them to bring out their talents.

Chef, Sommelier & Nutritionist

Taurus people are fond of eating, especially delicacy. So it will be beneficial for them to be engaged in chef, pastry chef, cake maker and other occupations.


Taurus is the most artistic sign of the 12 zodiac signs and people under this sign are suited to music, painting, vocal music, dance, entertainment and other jobs alike. In particular, they are suitable for the singing industry because they are known for their great voice. Therefore, they can choose to major in vocal music and singing in college.

Computer Digit, Image Processing & Screen Calibration

Taurus people are down-to-earth, modest, and prudent and they never reach for what is beyond their grasp. The slow-tempered Taureans are more suited to grassroots work, such as typer, data processer and text editor.


Taurus people are indomitable by nature, so they can choose to start up business and enter the business circle when there is no best career. In this way, they can get pretty good development.

Accountant & Bank Teller

Taking money as life, Taurus people are most suited to jobs related to money, namely accountant and receiving teller. Just image how happy they will be when they wake up and manage a lot of money everyday - perhaps they would laugh in dreams. Though the money is not theirs, they just enjoy the feeling of keeping contact with money.

Photographer & Barber

With a good grasp of comprehensive details, Taureans usually do things in a sure, accurate, and relentless manner and rarely make mistakes, thus suited to photographer and barber. The combination of feeling and technique is essential to photography while Taurus people are just self-taught genius in both sides: they are born with eyes for beauty and hands for dexterity and never allow any beautiful things pass away under their eyes. Just like photography, Taureans would create the ideal images in mind according to the faces of customers while designing and styling the hair and carefully do the best work in their minds.

Science Researcher

Science researcher is another ideal career for the prudent and patient Taureans. For most of people, it is intolerable to spend their youth in the boring scientific laboratory. For Taurus people who are not conceited or rash, always play for safety and come down to earth, science researcher is an ideal secure job. Compared with the fickle scholars who are obsessed with professional titles, Taurus people are more patient and yield better results than the general scholars, thus of better academic value.
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