Best Career for Cancer

Cancer is a traditional and conservative sign who comes down to earth. Then, what are the ideal jobs for Cancer?YourZodiacSign.Com

Lawyer & Editor

The down-to-earth nature of Cancer people makes them more stable than the other 11 zodiac signs, and they are trusted by people around. To the Cancer horoscope sign, an ordinary life is better than a dynamic one. So lawyer and editor can be the suitable professions for them. Both professions require a great deal of patience and logical thinking, while Cancer is the best owner of both.


CEO, CFO, accountant and financial investor are good choices for people who have Cancer as their star sign since they have the excellent executive capability. They can get to the bottom of things in detail and come up with the best way to reduce costs. Also, they practice the human-based management and are considerate enough to understand the needs of customers and handle some difficult problems properly.

Customer Service Manager

Cancer can also be a customer service manager. They can accurately infer what customers need in different locations, and provide them with appropriate food, protection and comfort.

Nurse & Preschool Teacher

The personality traits of Cancer sign are often associated with pregnancy and child care, which means they are more likely to become obstetricians, nurses or nutritionists. For example, Cancer can become an instructor in painless childbirth or in teaching new mothers how to breastfeed. They will be good nursery teachers and do well in industries such as toy manufacturing that cater to babies and young children. Editor of parenting magazine is another ideal job for Cancer people.


The gentle and honest Cancer people are the real masters at home as they are considerate, family-oriented and good at cooking; in daily life, they would like to make home-cooked dishes and share with their family. If engaged in the catering industry, they can give full play to the good cooking skills and make guests feel at home with thoughtfulness. The ideal occupations might include baker, restaurateur, grocer, and distributor of imported food; also, they can choose to publish food books or work for a cooking website.

Antique Dealer

Gifted in history, they can also become antique dealers, museum staff or historians.

Home Designer

Adept at house affairs, people of the Cancer sign can be good home textile designers or designers of other household items, covering furniture products from kitchenware to bedding and from framed decoration to carpet. Also, interior designer of architecture and house agent are also good choices.

Actor/Actress & Novelist

With a talent for speaking lines, Cancer people can be excellent actors/actresses. Artistic talent also makes them scriptwriters and novelists.


Due to the inborn accounting mind, people of Cancer sign have great economic and financial potential. Moreover, they are careful and patient, thus the best candidates of accountant whether in large or small businesses.

Professions Related to Water

In view of the traits as a water sign, Cancer people may consider some jobs related to water, such as naval officer, cruise ship manager and staff in the shipbuilding industry. Also, they can choose to be a photographer or run a vineyard, brewery, coffee shop or wine shop.
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