Gemini Man

Gemini men are charming, whimsical, unruffled and amiable, just like outsiders in the eyes of other people. They prefer instant changes to eternity and are good at using their wits to find solutions. With an innovative mind, they are suitable for headwork. It is the insatiable thirst for knowledge and curiosity that inspire them to pursue and explore continuously.

In life, what male Geminians need most is a wide audience other than the dynamic love. With a suspicious attitude towards romance, they like to protect themselves with sarcasm. Luckily, their good knowledge in worldly wisdom wins them both trust and popularity. In general, men under the Gemini sign are eloquent, humorous and capable of warming up the conversation quickly. With them, you will never feel lonely. In addition, they yearn for the carefree life and unfettered work. Compared with the responsibility of family life, they prefer the free life; once they get married, their home will become the venue of parties and conversations.

Excellent Diplomacy Skills

With excellent diplomacy skills, male Geminians are quick-tongued, glib and good at reading others' minds. When you stay with a Gemini man, you will find that he can see through what in your mind quickly. Also, male Geminians can play well with strangers and they are masters at creating a cheerful atmosphere. Because of this, they can always feel just like a fish in water and get what they want in workplace.

Stickler for Perfection

Just like people under the Virgo sign, male Geminians are also sticklers for perfection. However, they just demand on themselves rather than others. When they have a disputed behavior at certain moment, they would appear vividly and rethink over and over again until they come out with a perfect solution, as if they are obsessional and would not give up unless figure it out.

High EQ

Men under Gemini sign are generally of high EQ and strong empathy. What is empathy? It is the ability to perceive and understand the emotions of others. Gemini men can read the minds and even figure out the personality of other people thru micro-expressions, and then communicate in different ways.


Men of Gemini sign are often surrounded by inexplicable sadness and get lost by the overwhelming sadness; they do not know how to vent it out and can do nothing but suffer silently. They change their minds quickly and may regret about what they said in the last minute. They may treat someone as warm as the sunshine this day and as cold as the iceberg next day. Of course, this is not for nothing. Gemini men never take charge of situation. Instead, they would play to the score.


Gemini men can be good younger brothers. They are commonly of split personality and can make friends instantly. Wherever they appear, no one needs to worry about awkward silence because they are skilled in warming up and know a lot of things. This is different with men under the Capricorn sign who like to master something first and then pose confidently. As long as Gemini men know a little about something, they can fool girls and please the latter.
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