Gemini - 1st Decan (May 21 - May 31)

Ruler: Mercury
Source of Motivation: Concentration

Gemini First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Gemini born during May 21 - May 31 are smart, swift and agile, as well as with great potential. They are almost impeccable when dealing with things and other people. However, they have the potential dual sides in their inner selves, and they always tend to be indecisive, perplexed, or in a dilemma when handling matters. As a result, they could not concentrate their own power and strength on a certain and fixed goal. They could show extraordinary wisdom and talents, or they may also get themselves in the midst of futile rhetoric.

Everything can make them interested; they can also become indifferent to everything. Their personal ruling planet is Mercury, and their reaction is extremely fast. When others talk half way, they already know where their main points are, and they can’t wait to draw conclusions for them. They often feel that others are so slow and inefficient, because they can alone finish the work that other three persons could handle within the same period, and they already figure out how to do it on their minds. It is suggested that they should use good expression skills to help them do their own work, but their rich emotions can feelings can easily affect their judgment on things. Thus, they should be careful and mind that.

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