Gemini Woman

Gemini women are commonly capricious and unstable in character. They are lively and ready-witted and would not stay still quietly but go after the changeful life. Though gifted, they are the so-called so-called jack of all trades and master of none. The cheerful and witty female Geminians can always bring joys to people around and enjoy the great popularity among both men and women. Also, they are skilled in making the elders happy.

Women of Gemini sign hate the changeless and like the ever-changing and unknown realms, thus leaving a fickle impression to others. In fact, this is just the superficial image and they are actually proud, demanding for love relationship and motivated to pursue the true love. Of dual personality, they can be either lively and outgoing like a diplomatist or as rational as a philosopher or thinker. Since the two personalities are quite extreme, women under Gemini sign can go nervous easily and you need to be careful when dealing with them. Gemini girls are suggested to control the character properly and calm down to put the strengths to good use.


Gemini girls can be graceful or tough. Most of them are lively and direct, just like the tough girls. Both women and men would take them as friends who can have fun together. When they are romantically involved, they would take a long time to weigh the pros and cons before giving a clear answer cleverly.


Girls under Gemini sign are competent, so do not think they are weak. Instead, they are of strong explosive power, delicate yet firm, meticulous and calm, thus can be exceptional talents in the realms involved. Despite the executive capacity, they can hardly trust others and would rather take the challenge alone.


Female Geminians are full of wit, not only in their learning ability, but also in their bound thinking. They can think in a comprehensive way and make decisions stably and calmly.


In daily life, Gemini girls are lively and lovely and they are enthusiastic to everyone. Also, they are smart, gentle and cultivated, thus always followed by many people.


The jealous Gemini girls are usually swayed by considerations of gain and loss and tend to generate a sense of loss when they fail to get something good. In a relationship, they are quite jealous when their boyfriends get close with other women.


Usually, girls of Gemini sign are of 3-minute passion and would give up when they no longer have passion. They always try blindly without a plan and give up halfway consequently.


Gemini girls are more or less self-abased. For example, when they make a joke and others remain completely indifferent, they would be in low spirits and need to stay alone to get rid of the negative mood.

Indecisive in Love

Gemini girls are indecisive in love relationship, making others feel they are fickle. In fact, they just have no idea about how to say no and prowl about between several men.
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