Leo Woman

It seems that the shining Leo women are the most dazzling scenery attractive to everyone no matter where they go. They are warm and generous to friends and good-mannered in words and deeds.

Female Leos are so gifted and capable that they never rely on their partners to display their personal value. In their opinions, the ability to live a better life is the most important thing, so they make great efforts for this end in life. In love relationship, they can be a little mighty and commanding and no one can expect them to be as timid and lovable or tender and considerate as other women. For them, the most terrible thing is being looked down by someone. Once they are not as shining as imagined, they would sense that they are inferior. Also, they can be provoked easily and cannot accept being ignored.


This is a rare trait in women who are inherently afraid of pain. In general, women are less persistent than men when dealing with tough things which require great mental and physical efforts. But Leo women are an exception - as long as they are determined, they would be indomitable and never change their minds.

Quest for Perfection

The clean and demanding Leo women work seriously and they are conservative, traditional, kind and pure, longing for the simple life and perfect world. They prefer to enjoy the beautiful scenery alone and rely on themselves. They do not like to reveal others their inner thoughts but want to know more about others. Leo women tend to keep a low key.


Women under the Leo sign are virtuous and wise. They can do the housekeeping excellently, win the praise of relatives and friends and bring honor to their husbands. Also, they can be the best supporter for the latter's career - take care of the family, allow their men to put all the energy at work and offer certain help with wisdom. By this way, Leo women show how good they are in playing the role of wife.


Under the Fire sign, Leo women are passionate, out-going and full of vitality. They aspire to power, applause and limelight. No matter what they do and whenever they go on with people, they want to be the focus and the main force. Even if they cannot take the lead, they would try to hammer ideas into others and demand others to accept their ideas. It is the self-centered behavior that sets others against them.


What the face-saving Leo women want most is the attention. Therefore, they are generous, enthusiastic and gorgeous. They are too face-saving to show the weak side and sometimes choose to hold on firmly. The mighty posture can be a threat to others and even makes others feel that they are overbearing. Once they have to present at a banquet, they would dress up gorgeously.

Refuse to Admit Mistakes

There seems to be no ''mistake'' in Leo girls' dictionary. In their world, everything they said and did is right. When someone points out their mistakes, they would get angry and insist that they are not wrong. In a relationship, they also lack the courage to admit mistakes. When they are thoroughly discredited, they can become hysterical and overrule any possibility of rejection. At the end, they would blame on the other side for all the mistakes and wait for another man.
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