Leo Man

Leo men are broad-minded, commanding and of intense emotions. With great passion and prestige, they can always do something in career and ideal. An outstanding feature of male Leos is that they are proud. In addition, they are open-minded, far-sighted, and capable of overcoming difficulties and controlling the situation, thus admired and respected by people.

In terms of love relationship, men under the Leo sign would win the true and unreserved love of women with infinite sincerity and they have no tolerance for any unfaithful behavior of their women, not to mention the betrayal which would sweep every bit of their prestige into the dust.

Regal Dignity

With the inherent regal dignity, Leo men have strong organizing and leading ability and they are quite independent and firm. When they deal with something, they would be as decisive as a king and never do it sloppily. Meanwhile, they always have an ace up their sleeve and know how to use power and influence to achieve their goals.

Enthusiastic and Open-minded

In addition to the regal dignity, Leo men are also enthusiastic and open-minded. In the face of life, they are as warm as the sun in winter and could bring infinite positive energy to people around. They march forward courageously and go all out for everything. Moreover, they seldom haggle over every ounce and enjoy great popularity with the open mind.


Men of Leo sign are responsible and have the courage to take the blame for what they do in daily life. Before marriage, they can be fickle but once they get married, they would restrain and show loyalty to family and loved ones. Because of this, they are considered of an excellent sense of responsibility.

Proud and Face-saving

The proud Leo men usually overestimate their abilities, daydream and enjoy it. They would rather suffer from hunger and cold than lose face. For the fear of being looked down, they will never admit defeat or ask for help no matter what they do. This becomes a hamper to their success.


Male Leos are possessive in every aspect. The more they care about something, the more they want to possess, and they even dare not to think about the picture of being deprived, which will make them gloomy, restless and crazy. To protect their power from being infringed, they would respond quickly in advance and constantly check whether those they care about are still there and still safe by any means at any time. For them, any unfaithful behavior or betrayal in love is not acceptable.

Short-tempered and Impatient

Once the Leo men have no mood to explain something, they would be caught up by the senseless anger which may break out at any time. They may lose temper for trifles or something that look odd. When they lose temper, they blame it more on themselves as if they are not getting angry. They actually resent themselves more for losing control of the whole thing but it looks like the grievance for the whole world.
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