Libra Man

The keen-eyed and sensitive Libra men are quite practical and they pursue the balance between ideal and reality. Despite the hope of standing out, the intelligent Libra men lack the competitive capacity and pioneering spirit, and they are reserved, cautious and less cool-headed. Full of wit, they just have no clue how to use it properly. Also, they can be impulsive, hate to be fettered and yearn for freedom. They wish others could be honest to them but refuse to take off their own mysterious veil and reveal their inner thoughts.

Male Librans can't live a lonely life and wish people around can live in harmony and intimacy. Sometimes, they would please others, not to win the favor but to show their sincerity. In general, they will settle down after getting married and need the passionate love, need to talk with someone and win the favor of others. All their happiness is based on the relationships established. Therefore, marriage will play a significant role and even become a turning point in their life.

Elegant and Attractive

Born with the elegant demeanor, men of Libra can be less handsome but mostly gentle and elegant. Many male idols are under the Libra sign. What's more, they are expert in love relationship, so it is not surprising that they are loved by many women. At the very beginning, the relationship can be perfect but there will be many problems as the relationship goes further.

Rigorous and Upright

Male Librans are logically rigorous, thoughtful, honest and frank and they may hurt the pride of someone unintentionally. Of excellent understanding, they are intelligent, clam and good at finding out the key points and demolishing one by one. However, they can be hesitant to make decisions. The upright and amiable Libra men would take up the cudgels against an injustice and keep looking for the inner stability and balance. Without such balance, they could not live a tranquil life.


Sometimes, Libra men are subject to changing moods but would reflect on after that due to the self-knowledge. And then, they would become better and better and lose temper less frequently for the inferiors to adapt to their management style.


Male Librans want to see both sides of everything and they would check from every aspect. Because of this, many things are delayed and they stubbornly refuse to make any hasty decision. It is quite important for them to keep their charm and sometimes they lose themselves due to the excessive care about how they look. They are suggested to be moderate in pursuit of balance and avoid accepting totally or being overly critical.

Narcissistic and Inferior

Men of Libra sign can speak ill of themselves but they are intolerant of criticism from others. Also, they are very lazy and short-tempered, hate fighting and may start a cold war with their girlfriends yet can calm down with sweet words. Unlike the wordy Virgo men, they tend to talk a load of garbage and make a short story long.
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