Libra Woman

Libra women are generally good-looking and cultivated and they pay attention to their words and deeds on any occasions. They impress people with their grace and nobleness. It seems that they have it all - good look, good taste, in-depth knowledge and nice figure. At the same time, they are amiable, enjoy great popularity and could get along with everyone. While making friends, they never care about the family background.

Being particular about justice and equity, they seek the harmonious life and seldom take the initiative to conflict with people around in daily life. Even if they are offended, they would quash the affair. As for career, female Librans are less aggressive and reluctant to spend all the time on career but enjoy the simple life.

Artful and Smooth

When a group of women get together, there must be many conflicts and everyone would get involved but female Librans are just like the peaceful typhoon center favored by everyone. This kind of favor is actually from their good diplomacy. Sometimes, they may also involve in disputes but just have the ability to be a perfect mixer in any company and to give anyone the opportunity to dislike them or find their shortcomings. This is the amazing trait of women under Libra sign.

Good at Housekeeping

Libra girls prefer to live in a comfortable environment, and enjoy doing housekeeping, which distinguishes them from other girls. Usually, they would decorate their rooms like the princess's and they are good at housekeeping; as long as there is any untidy corner or imperfect place at home, they would feel uncomfortable.


The elegant Libra girls are just like the gentle and graceful young madam and they can always deal with anything in the most decent way. As a consequence, they always show the best side to others.


The recognition by other people is the fundamental principle of female Librans in coping with life. And it is the principle that urges them to consider all parties involved no matter what they do. Sometimes, they even become hypocritical to cater to others.

Escaping from Reality

Libra women are quite afraid of pressure and when they are depressed they would escape from the affairs they do not want to face in their own ways, such as sleeping and watching movies, so as to shift the attention. But at night, the affairs would drive them to insomnia. When someone keeps talking about what they are not interested in, they would alienate the person and even become irritable and turn to someone making them comfortable.


This is a fatal flaw of women under Libra sign and it can be evident in many ways. For example, they would ask for advice from many people around when making a decision, are easily influenced by different opinions, and even wish others to make a decision for them and take the consequences. While shopping, they may frustrate their partners by the hesitation in making a choice and their friends feel it terrible when they are so indecisive.
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