Libra in Love

Libras go for perfect love free of any flaws. Characterized by graceful manners, they are smooth and slick in establishing social relations, enjoy a great popularity and usually have a lot of friends. Also, Libra people are attractive to the opposite sex and often have romantic involvement arising therefrom. Libra men tend to care about themselves and ignore others while Libra women love being accompanied. Librans, single-minded and persistent in love, would hold on straight to the end and never give up no matter how long the courtship is. However, they may find the relationship quite tiring due to the poor ability in expressing their feelings and ideas. They prefer the fair relationship and expect to pay and be rewarded equally. Once a Libran takes you as his/her true love, he/she will take the relationship seriously and remains unswervingly loyal to it.

Librans often choose the neat and elegant people full of character as their lovers. A Libra may take the initiative to start a relationship as long as he/she has a crush on you at the first sight. Then, he/she will approach step by step, get to know you and pursue in an appropriate manner, so that you will appreciate him/her and fall in love!

libra Love in 2019

Libras will be busy about love and relationship this year and surrounded by a lot of opposite-sex friends. Whether to start a relationship will be in your hands. In addition, you are suggested to be honest to your partner and never improvise or tell lies for your own good. Otherwise, your hearts will get farther and farther. In particular, you Libra people will prone to emotional problems under the influence of Mars. ...Read More

10 Obvious Signs That a Libra in Love with You

For people whose sign is Libra, a promise is a promise and love is love, and they never trifle with others' affections. Then, in what ways can you tell that a Libra is in love with you?

Top 3 Habits of Libra in Love

When a Libran starts a relationship with you, the first thing he or she does is to learn about your ex(es) and he/she deems it necessary to know how long you'd been together.