Five Signs a Sagittarius Likes Someone

Sagittarians are very humorous, optimistic, simple and open-minded in personality. As such, plenty of people like them. If Sagittarians like someone, what would they do?YourZodiacSign.Com

Care for the significant other

If Sagittarians love someone, their eyes will focus on that person unconsciously. Then, they will find a way to figure out what that person likes and dislikes. They may also unconsciously inquire that person’s friends of the current status of him/her. Then they will use their best endeavor to cater to that person and give silently when that person needs something.

Reply to a message quick as a flash

If Sagittarians like someone, it is likely that they will add that person to the "special friends" contacts, and then they will reply quickly when they receive a message from that special person. If the person they like have updates on their social network accounts, they will give a reply, or a like or a comment as quickly as they can. Actually, if Sagittarians like someone, they are always ready to appear in the life circle of that person.

Shy in the face of someone they like

Sagittarians are not that sort of shy persons. However, they will become a little shy or restrained in the face of someone they like. This awkward situation is mainly due to the fact that they worry that they would scare that person if they are too enthusiastic, and meanwhile they hope to show themselves better in the face of the person they like.


When Sagittarians like someone, they will show their attitude and affection through plenty of actions, and then they will observe that person’s response. At this time, if that person does not mean to reject, Sagittarians will seize the opportunity to make a confession. As they are not sort of persons who can refrain and suppress their emotions, they will use the most straightforward way to express their affection, that is, confession.

Gift giving

Sagittarians are veteran masters of love. They know how to observe, plan and act. When they are convinced about the situation, they will fiercely chase someone they like. Giving gifts is the most way to pursue someone. When you receive gifts from a Sagittarian every day, you don’t need to doubt it. He must like you and is trying to please you by giving gifts!
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