7 Obvious Signs That a Taurus in Love with You

As the slowest type in the 12 zodiac signs, Taurus people always act slowly. This is also true when they are in love - passive and man show! Following are the obvious signs that a Taurus in love with you. Read and check whether you are loved by a Taurus now.YourZodiacSign.Com

Hit on You Deliberately

Your Taurus man is dull, passive and can be shy in the relationship. But if he really falls for you and wants to go deeper with you, he will hit on you from time to time and create you a little trouble to attract you. At this time, he must be in you and want to have a love affair but there is no way of knowing when he will act.

Look at You Tenderly

Taurus is a sign known for their thoughtfulness and loyalty. Perhaps he seldom shows his love in unexpected ways or cares what others think of him. Doomed by his personality, your Taurean man has no sense of romance but remember: he is only tender to his loved one and would look at you tenderly. Sometimes, he has already done what should be done before you saying it. Since he loves you, he is willing to give you everything.

Buy You Gifts Generously

Many people say that Taureans are stingy. But this is not true because they just want to spend their money in critical situations and on those they love. If a Taurean is really in you, he will be generous with you and would buy you a lot of things to please you without any hesitation.

Arrange Everything for You

Taurus is a practical and reliable sign. Once he loves you, he will arrange everything for you in advance. For example, if your Taurus man wants to ask you to date, he'll arrange for the day trip, take your handbag, buy your favorite food and prepare everything you need; he will prepare everything in advance even if you say nothing and make you feel the meticulous care and love!

Accept Your Flaws

Taurus men are realistic and haggle over every ounce. If a Taurus man falls for you, he will love your every aspect and would not turn cold shoulders to you because of your flaws; in his eyes, all your shortcomings are strengths as he can tolerate all of you. So, you don't have to pretend in front of him - just be yourself and let go of your burden, because he will make you feel at ease!

Show You to His Friends

If your Taurus man does love you, he would show you to his friends and wants to tell everyone that he loves you and no one can have any idea about you. He wishes you can further affirm and recognize his character thru his friends! Your Taurus man is possessive and doesn't wish you to have any contact with any other men even before you start the relationship.

Change for You

Once a Taurean falls for you, he will change for you in the way you like and do the best to become better and to match you. He will ask you what your type is and then develop in the way you wish by doing everything he can, so that you can fall for him earlier. He can give for love yet has his own bottom line and principles; if he has to turn into a person he hates, he will say no and prove his excellence in other ways to match you!
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