How To Attract The Sagittarius Man?

Sagittarius is a very charismatic, adventurous and energetic zodiac sign. This sign symbolizes freedom, adventure and enthusiasm. To win over a Sagittarius guy, make a plan now! Follow the steps below to win the heart of Sagittarius.YourZodiacSign.Com
Avoid exposing yourself all at once and create a sense mystery. Sagittarians don’t like people who they could see through at a glance. Do not say everything as soon as you meet. You should communicate slowly and further your mutual understanding deeply. The dominated ruling star of Sagittarius is Jupiter and they like to work out mysteries. So, you have to keep a sense of mystery. When he asks you a question, you can say "do you really want to know?" or "I'll tell you on the next date."

Be positive. Try to be a person of great fun and don't spread negative energy. Sagittarius likes to have a relaxed and enjoyable time. You should not whine or chew the fat in front of him. Instead, make an effort to create joy. Have more laughs and propose to do fun things together.

Give him some challenges. Sagittarius likes mystery. It doesn’t mean to intentionally embarrass him, but to give him a little challenge. Pretend that you are not very interested in him and don't be overly enthusiastic (but don't ignore his presence). Sagittarius likes to use his brain. You have to be smart to chase a Sagittarius. Put forward the opposite of his opinions on common topics of mutual interest to you. Try to deliberately pick questions to refute him (even if you actually agree with him.)

Fall in love with travel. Sagittarians don't like to stay in the same place for too long. So, you have to like travel and adventure. The first time you talk to him, talk to him about travel and the places you've been to, creating a sense of mystery by the way, and don't let him know why you went to those places.

Don't be too clingy. A great trait of Sagittarius is the love of freedom. Give him some personal space while you go for a hike or a run on your own. Sagittarius likes someone who is not clingy and doesn't interfere with his freedom. Let him know you can be very independent. If you are in a bar, buy yourself a drink and ask him if he needs one. Let him know that you don't need to be taken care of in everything.

Always stay beautiful. Men can’t refuse beautiful women; A Sagittarius man is the same. Sagittarius likes the kind of women who are well-dressed, a bit sexy, but not too revealing. If you know he's going to a party, you could put on a sexy dress and stiletto heels. It will be hard for men to resist your beauty.

Fragrance. Sagittarius likes to smell fresh and refreshing. Citrus scent is recommended. Many Sagittarians will be attracted to the citrus scent on you. A tip for you: take a small bottle of perfume with you. In that way, you can keep smelling fresh no matter how long and bumpy journey you have traveled through.
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