Virgo Woman

Virgo women can be madly nitpicking. They pursue perfection and are strict with everything. Talented in arranging things in order, they can put every detail of life in perfect order and do what they must do well. It is basically impossible to shirk work or work half-hearted under the very nose of female Virgos because they can immediately find it out no matter how minor it is.

Virgo girls are just like the otherworldly Maiden of Virtue but for love they dare to face the questioning and betrayal of the whole world. Due to the pursuit and longing for romance and the picky and persistent attitude, they might miss the best wedding ages yet still look forward to meet their Mr. Right. Sometimes, they need to know that mutual tolerance and understanding are required in love.


Virgo women, in pursuit of perfection, are sentimental, pure, natural, kind-hearted and careful and they like to observe silently and treat people around in a caring way. With a devoted sense of mission for everything, they would do the best and are ready to make sacrifice.

Serious and Responsible

Women of Virgo sign work seriously and would do the best once they agree to do. They are earnest, detail-oriented and demanding, and seldom fish in troubled waters but work like the workaholic. Such a responsible attitude brings them the good reputation. Everyone would ask for their advice when have problems and trust their well-grounded analysis.


Taking perfection as life motto, Virgo women usually keep on the rails no matter what they do and they believe that success is based on the accumulation day by day. With the down-to-earth attitude, they plan for life all the time, do what they are confident about step by step, save money steadily and run their life on the basis of deep consideration.

Extreme Mysophobia

The mysophobia of Virgo women can be mentally or physically. But either can drive people to mad. Mysophobia, a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, is displayed in the form or thru the symptoms of some obsessive thoughts or behaviors. Also, Virgo women are obsessive in cleaning up room and they hope to put everything in order. Once you touch their items, they would keep reminding or criticizing you for what you do.

Excessive Pursuit of Perfection

Women of Virgo sign often get bogged down in the excessive pursuit of perfection. Because of their pursuit of unreachable perfection, they tend to weigh again and again and become caught up in it.

Too Many Rules

When you get in touch with Virgo girls, you will find that they always plan in advance before they do anything. They would become panic-stricken in the face of something unexpected, so they develop many rules for themselves. In fact, many things can be treated with gloves but they just follow the rules and would not change. As a result, they tend to handle the normal things in a cold way and frustrate people around, thus become less popular among others.
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