Top 10 Least Suitable Jobs for Aries

If you are an Aries, you should avoid to be a negotiator, customer service representative, librarian, accountant, psychological consultant, nurse, secretary, idea man and artist. YourZodiacSign.Com


This profession requires meticulous logical thinking, clear expression and, of course, the ability to gauge people's mind. These are the fatal weakness of Aries, who just keep going forward like "lunkhead". One-way thinking is particularly obvious and profound in Aries. They are outspoken in nature and often offend people without realizing it, so this job is not suitable for them.

Customer Service Representative

A perfect customer service representative must be meticulous, patient and soft-spoken. Never expect the Aries to listen to complaints obediently, as they are extremely impatient and somewhat hot-tempered, even hang up before others finishing the words.


Librarian is just like an assembly line repeating the same work every day from nine to five in the prescribed order. This kind of work cannot arouse the enthusiasm of Aries other than make them feel a little depressed at work.


This profession requires great care and the ability to control money prudently. It is hard to imagine Aries would compute over and over with a calculator. Unlike Taurus, Aries are not so skilled in handling money and they are less careful; the least bit miscalculation would lead to a huge difference.

Psychological Consultant

Great insight and empathy are essential to psychological counseling. However, Aries are insensitive and poor in sixth sense or reading other people's minds, thus not suitable for psychological consultant.


People under Aries sign are slapdash and poor at taking care of others. In the face of patients with a worried look, they can easily lose patience and may get angry, which is a taboo in hospitals. Therefore, nurse is not suitable for Aries.


Excellent coordinate ability is required to this occupation. With great personality, Aries are less submissive and they are less sophisticated than Libra who can achieve success one way or another. Perhaps Aries can be a good leader rather than ''good wife''.


This profession requires a serious and rigorous working attitude, and the work is a step-by-step process based on the accumulation over time and history. However, Aries prefer quick decisions and hate slow steps, so they are not good at long hard fight.

Idea Man

What is a qualified idea man like? He must be steady, cunning, wily and infinitely complex. Aries are born like children and they are simple and direct. If an adviser like Zhuge Liang (the most accomplished strategist of the state of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period) is needed, a person of Aries sign will not be the right choice.


All professions related to art, such as painter, sculptor and designer are not suitable for Aries because they are born with no artistic talent. So just let them off.
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