Suitable Jobs for Aries by Blood Type

Blood type A and Aries actually have a conflict in personality. Aries are impulsive and active while Type A people are quiet and restrained, forming a sharp contrast. The majority of Aries with blood type A tend to show the quiet side of blood type A outside but they hate the changeless boring life deep inside. Therefore, it is very important for Aries people to choose jobs based on the inner thoughts rather than the environment or the needs of others. Otherwise, they will finally get depressed at work. For Aries of blood type A, the lively and less challenging jobs are suitable since they are simple and not good at dealing with complex matters. In summary, Aries people of blood type A fit teacher, customer service, banquet sales in star hotels, nurse, shop assistant, cashier and similar occupations that are outgoing and less stressful.YourZodiacSign.Com
Being outgoing, optimistic and risk-taking, Aries people of blood type B, just like those of blood type O, are very suitable for external expansion jobs, such as the sales personnel, insurance agent, real estate agent, PR officer, or police and security staff requiring courage. With no desire for power, they can do their duty well in the industry they like. The weakness of blood type B Aries lies in that they are short-tempered, careless and impulsive and sometimes act abruptly, which is to be overcame.

The combination of blood type O and Aries means courage and vitality whether for men or women. Young Aries of blood type O can stand out easily as they are confident and active. Generally, they are suitable for extroverted work dealing with sales, public relations and business affairs, as well as jobs of strong performance nature, such as actor/actress. However, Aries people with blood type O are impulsive and capricious and do not fit the office work of doing the same thing over and over again, which will make them depressed.

If the passion of Aries can complement the sense of distance and indifference of blood type AB, or the cool head of blood type AB can neutralize the impulsion of Aries, a dynamic working style will be formed in Aries of blood type AB and they will become rational, moderate, sincere and brave. In this way, Aries people with blood type AB can be good salesman, PR officer, coordinator, tour guide, etc. Meanwhile, they suit other energetic work involving communication with people. The weakness of Aries in blood type AB is that they are impatient and tend to tire of jobs with little change.
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