Suitable Jobs for Leo by Blood Type

As the most arrogant sign, Leos tend to be self-centered and always put their own interests first. What will happen to the egotistical Leo by different blood types? Let’s see what are suitable jobs for Leos of different blood groups now. YourZodiacSign.Com
Leo people of blood type A are proud and have a strong desire to show off and to take control. Due to the elegant temperament of blood type A, this combination of zodiac sign and blood type produces many superstars. Of course, it does not mean every Leo of blood type A can be a superstar. Most of them are engaged in ordinary jobs. Given certain power of administration, they can take the responsibility and try to do it perfectly even if without too much material reward. Suitable jobs for Leo of blood type A include company executives, actors, directors, hosts, charity managers, clothing or other fashion designers etc.

Leo people of blood type B are warm, generous and brave. They like to pay regardless of return but consider it important to get verbal encouragement or praise from others and have a strong desire to show off. This combination is impatient and irritable, thus not suitable for introverted and quiet jobs. Suitable jobs for Leo of blood type B include pilots, civil aviation captains, airline stewardesses, tour guides, firefighters, lifeguards, health coaches, martial arts players, salesmen, fast food workers, comedians, entertainment presenters etc.

Leo people of blood type O are aggressive and eager to be leaders, and they will feel painful once the desire to succeed is repressed. Leos of blood type O are confident, independent, and trustworthy. They suit their action to their word, make others obey easily, often show off at work and can succeed once given the right stage of development. Similar with Aries of blood type O, they fit the extroverted jobs and can do the introverted well for the time being. Hence, they can develop in the management direction. Suitable jobs for Leo of blood type O include sales managers, department managers, company managers, publicist, politicians, directors, producers, self-employed entrepreneurs etc.

Leo people of blood type AB are softer than Leos of other blood types and they can think of things in a calm way. However, they also seek to do others down and hope to be leaders. Once they are in leadership, they may listen to the opinions from all sides, draw on the wisdom of the masses and get very popular or practice autocracy. Suitable jobs for Leo of blood type AB include politicians, actors, company executives, professional managers, presenters, educators, businessmen, fitness instructors, fashion designers, etc.
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