Suitable Jobs for Gemini by Blood Type

The quick-witted and moody Geminis are of dual personality and usually get a lot of attention in the crowd. Read and find out suitable jobs for Gemini by blood type!YourZodiacSign.Com

Blood Type A

Gemini people of blood type A are intellectual and feature the information transmission of Gemini and the stability of blood type A. They are emotionormal, rational and able to do many jobs diligently and conscientiously. Geminians are known for their intense absorption of knowledge and ability to keep up with new, thus fit to traditional or emerging media like editing and web design, as well as paperwork in advertising. At the same time, they can also do work related to writing or copywriting; doctor and lawyer are also good choices.

Blood Type B

Gemini people of blood type B are cheerful, lively, enthusiastic, capable, quick in action and eloquent, featuring the sensibility of blood type B and the sense of Gemini. A good combination of the two will enable them to play the work energy in full. Geminians of blood type B like new jobs and environments, pursue exciting things and challenges and hate conventional or routine work. They prefer to explore new solutions and can be very creative. Suitable jobs for Gemini of blood type B include reporter, lecturer, sales, creative personnel, host, announcer, marketing planner, PR, tour guide, etc. They tend to love the new and loathe the old and may have the idea of job-hopping once they find the current work is stale.

Blood Type O

Geminis of blood type O are highly flexible, calm, full of ideas and good at dealing with all kinds of people. They fit to marketing, PR, HR and other jobs alike yet are less energetic than Aries people of the same blood and suitable for maintaining rather than developing sales. One of their shortcomings lies in that they are less stable in youth and prone to job-hopping. Though not as active as the Aries of blood type O, they can easily get tired of something. As a result, Gemini people of blood type O are suitable for industries related to fashion, such as journalist and magazine editor.

Blood Type AB

Geminis of blood type AB are flexible in coping with life and can easily build good relationships with others. They are calm, rational, and appropriately witty, and rarely show the angry or emotional side, thus fit to work requiring communication and coordination or service jobs. In general, they are Jack of all trades and suited for many occupations. Since people of blood type AB can get tired easily and Geminis have developed brains, this kind of people are unsuited to boring jobs of a physical nature.
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