What does an Aries look like after a breakup?

Completely Lifeless

Aries are vibrant people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of life and crowded places. Most of the time, they are very passionate and make others very comfortable. But after a breakup, Aries will change completely and look lifeless and dead as a doornail. This is because they do not get it - "I love you so much and I’m not inferior to others, why you say no to me?" They just want an answer.Completely Lifeless

Keep Going out on the Tiles

In fact, Aries are not alcoholics. They would find excuses to turn down drinking as long as they can. They think drinking is harmful to the health and would hold things up. When they are sober and rational, Aries people turn cold shoulders to alcoholics and think the latter make no effort to seek progress. After a breakup, however, they can turn into the sort of person they hate. At this time, they would deem alcohol as a good thing which can at least let them forget the trouble for a while. Because of this, people of Aries sign keep going out on the tiles after a breakup.

Become Irresponsible

Aries people have been responsible and they would fulfill any promises they make. Sometimes, they would be wronged for the interests of collective and make no complaints even if it's none of their business; instead, they would do the best. After a breakup, Aries would become irresponsible and give no thought to the life or death of other people, even their own issues.
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