The Mythology of Aries

Once upon a time, there was a distant kingdom. The king and the queen divorced due to the incompatibility of temperament and the king married another woman. However, the new queen was jealous in nature and she could not bear the king's every love for his children with the ex-wife, so she had an evil plot in her mind.
The spring came and it's time to sow and farm. The new queen distributed the stir-fried wheat seeds to the farmers in the country. Of course, the seeds could not sprout no matter how they watered and fertilized. The farmers were confused.
At this moment, the new queen spread the rumor that the kingdom was cursed, so the wheat seeds could not sprout. She said the curse was resulted by the prince and princess's evil ideas which made the God angry, thus the punishment to the country.
The unsophisticated famers thought it was a terrible thing that the people across the country would suffer from poverty and hunger because of the evil prince and princess.
Quickly, every people in the country demanded the king to kill the prince and the princess to remove the curse and make the God no longer angry. They thought in this way, they could harvest and the country could restore to the previous peace and prosperity.
The king was unwilling to kill his children but he reluctantly said yes to the people's request to quell their anger and prepared to kill the prince and the princess to win the trust of his people. The prince and the princess's mother heard the news and she was surprised and worried, so she sought help from the great god Zeus. Of course, Zeus clearly knew it was the plot of the new queen and he agreed to offer help. On the day of the execution, a gold-hair winged ram appeared in the sky and saved the prince and the princess. While flying across the ocean, the princess was curious about the waves and fell accidentally but was rescued by the ram.
To reward this brave but careless ram, Zeus put it high in the sky, thus the Aries familiar to everyone.
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