Top 3 Habits of Cancer in Love

Very Active in Front of Love

Though a little conservative and unwilling to talk to others, people who have Cancer as their star sign can be very active in front of love and would change completely once they meet the right one. They are used to winning love by taking the initiative. As a result, they would take the initiative to pursue and show how good they are whenever they have a crush on someone; then, they would be in hot pursuit to have them noticed until they win the love of their crush. Very Active in Front of Love

Become Jealous

Another habit of Cancer in love is that they often become jealous and would be unhappy if their lovers get closer to others, whether the same or opposite sex. They are so possessive that they think their lovers belong to them and no one else can hog the latter's time and energy. Because of this, they can easily get jealous and angry over such trifles. If possible, they would keep their lovers in captivity and disallow anyone else to see.

Wear His & Hers Clothing

Being detail-oriented, Cancer people always strive for the harmony in love relationship and believe it is necessary to wear his & hers clothing when they go out with their lovers. They want to tell everyone that they are in love and declare that they belong to each other in this way. Also, Cancerians do like the dressing style which makes them look well matched like a perfect couple.
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