Cancer Man

On the surface, Cancer men are tender, submissive, approachable, easy-going, modest, charming, and helpful. In fact, they also need the trust and warmth of others and are introverted and a little passive. Highly sensitive, they might be offended by the intentional or unintentional cold manner or neglect of other people. Only if in their own territory - home and with their wives, children or close friends can they get relieved. Generally speaking, male Cancerians are subject to fidgets, so they'd rather stay away from those complicated or unpleasant things.

Men under Cancer sign take life seriously and family is their sacred orchestra. In their view, happiness lies in children and they would give their children all the paternal love. Besides, they lay more emphasis on the emotional than material needs in love relationship.

Kind and Warmhearted

This is the greatest strength of Cancer men. They are kind-hearted, seldom quarrel with others and have the ability to quash affairs. In the face of life, they are kind, compassionate and willing to offer help to others, thus often participate in social work and serve as volunteers. In love relationship, they are as warm as Baymax to their girlfriends, so they are quite popular among women.

Strong-willed and Persevering

Apparently, men of Cancer sign concede in everything but they are quite strong-willed, persistent, and patient. No matter what hardships they encounter in life, they would remain strong and move on firmly, because they believe that sunshine comes after the storm. With the strong perseverance and will, they would move on step by step until walk out of the shadows.

Diligent and Thrifty

The diligent and thrifty male Cancerians are good at keeping house. In daily life, most of them are known as good family men who are skilled in housekeeping and frugal, and can maximize results with minimal resources. Therefore, they are the omnipotent proficient in everything at home. In addition, they are meticulous and extremely considerate towards their wives and children.


The gentle Cancer men sometimes appear timid. They need the protection and care of family, lack of independence and find it hard to accomplish anything alone. However, adults are supposed to take care of themselves and Cancer men are suggested to be stronger and make those who care about them proud.


Men under the Cancer sign are not mean about materials. Instead, this flaw is more about interpersonal communication. For example, when a friend says something they do not want to hear, they would get angry and brush him/her off for several days, with no SMS, call or any message. And this is the so-called cold war.


With the strong self-protection awareness, Cancer men can be sensitive to any trifle and go off into wild flights of fancy. Once you come into contact with a Cancer man for a long time, you will find that it is hard to walk into his heart - he is so sensitive that he builds a wall inside to stay away from any hurt.
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