Cancer in Love

As a sign of kindness in the zodiac, Cancer attaches great importance to love. If they have to make a choice between love and bread, most of them would choose love. The family-oriented Cancer people love in a real and practical way and start a relationship for the purpose of setting up a family. When those who have Cancer as their star sign fall in love with someone, they would become very considerate and show the best of care, making their lovers cannot live without the relationship. While they, on the other hand, do all of these as if in a dream and would leave determinedly once they wake up and think their love is not the right one. They are so determined and cold to break up that their lovers would fall from the heaven to the hell. If you are in love with a Cancerian, you must love his/her family and friends, especially his/her mother, as he/she does and accept his/her interpersonal relationship. For people under the Cancer sign, love happens in a down-to-earth way and they may concern and start a relationship with those who have helped them as time passes!

cancer Love in 2020

As a water sign, Cancer is most vulnerable to Mercury retrograde, especially considering the situation in 2020 Cancer is the starting and ending points of Mercury retrograde. Such a change in astrology will definitely lead to ups and downs in the love relationship of Cancer. Not only that, Saturn will stay in the seventh house of Cancer since the beginning of this year and bring them good luck in love. Married Cancer people will maintain a stable relationship this year yet still need to be vigilant against all kinds of troubles caused by Mercury retrograde. ...Read More

6 Obvious Signs That a Cancer in Love with You

Being careful and patient, Cancer is the ideal partner for many people. What are the signs of a Cancer in love with you?

Top 3 Habits of Cancer in Love

Cancer would take the initiative to pursue and show how good they are whenever they have a crush on someone. Another habit of Cancer in love is that they often become jealous and would be unhappy if their lovers get closer to others.